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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Self Promotion – Why It’s a Must

Note: While most of the following article pertains to the entertainment industry, readers may find some of the advice printed will apply to authors promoting their own work as well - L. Anne Carrington

As I work with entertainers of all kinds, it amazes me how they have all this stuff going on and they don’t tell anyone.  I have them on my radio show and instead of creating a buzz and letting people know ahead of time, they maybe put one tweet out or do it just before they actually call in to the show.  The fans most likely missed the notification and couldn’t attend or listen because they weren’t forewarned and didn’t have enough time to tell their friends or plan to listen in. In this situation, the artist loses an opportunity to engage with the fans, and the fans lose out on hearing the latest and greatest from their favorite artist.

 David Lowry

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