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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Social Media Etiquette When Approaching Entertainment Business Contacts

Note from L. Anne Carrington: Even though this article pertains for the most part to the entertainment industry, its contents can be beneficial to authors as well. Many thanks to David Lowry and Gina Zavalis.

Gina Zavalis – In Your Eyes MST
Somehow, somewhere in the crazy Facebook, MySpace and Twitter generation, musicians, artists, actors/actresses, writers and any person looking to catch a break in the entertainment industry have forgotten how to be polite, courteous and how stand out and be noticed.  Now instead of artists/entertainers sending unsolicited packages to the offices of labels, managers, booking agents and PR reps, they spam our inboxes with unsolicited MySpace pages before they even say hi.  There is no asking permission if they may send something or even asking what they should send.  They just send their MySpace page without a thought as to what it looks like, what info we need to see or even if we are looking for any acts or what type.  Some just ask us to review and give an opinion instead of realizing #1 we don’t have time, #2 we charge for consultation and most importantly #3 it takes time away from our current roster and family. They expect us to look and listen to their pages along with the 300 hundred others we got that day.

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