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Monday, 2 August 2010

This Week's Author News

As always, many authors have been busy this week and the following happenings reported. Congratulations to everyone on their latest accomplishments.

Sasha Petrova is another Night Reader to have a book published, by Omega Publications A Leaf On The Wind. Sasha's book includes episodes of child abuse, and it will be joining Night Publishing as a 'fellow traveler' with Kat Ward‘s and Stacey Danson‘s books on similar topics later in the year.

Sasha commented, "Kat, Suzie and I go back a long way, and we are good friends. Yes, it is about abuse, but what I find fascinating is all three books are so completely different. Not just that one takes place in Australia, one in England, and the other in the US, but the ways in which each author is forced to deal with the abuse is so unique."

Stacey Danson has another interview posted on Poppet's website, promoting Empty Chairs. Readers may click here to read the entire interview.

Sheena Ignatia never seems to rest on her laurels. Following on the success of Summer Shorts, another short story collection, Winter Warmers. She’s reviewing submissions at present for the new project, and considering a release for a Winter Warmers paperback in Winter 2011.

Congratulations and salutes are in order for Terry Gould, whose book, How Can You Mend This Purple Heart, won a Silver Star award in the 2010 Military Writers Society of America book competition.

The first draft of Bev Dulson’s latest novel, Love Overboard, is being seen by a group of test readers. The back story and character outline may be found here.

Gail Metcalfe won Night Reading’s First Chapter of the Month' for New Beginnings. in the latest poll. Michelle Young took Night Reading’s 'First Poem of the Month' honors with Of All Things.

While on the subject of Night Reading, Tim Roux extended me an offer early this morning to have The Cruiserweight published by its sister site, Night Publishing. Needless to say, I accepted. As it stands right now, publishing should be somewhere around the end of this year. I don’t usually blow my own horn in the weekly column, but I couldn’t contain my excitement about this gracious offer. I want to thank the Night Publishing staff for thinking so highly of me and my work.

Gabrielle Faust will be the Featured Author signing and reading from her latest novel, Eternal Vigilance 3, at BookPeople in Austin, TX on November 20 from 3-7PM. For more information, log on to

Robert James Russell posted a sample chapter from his novel Impossible Monsters. online. Readers may find it by clicking here.

SueAnn Jackson Land launched a second The Truth About Whales video, El Girasol (The Sunflower). The video can be found on The Truth About Whales Facebook page.

Minnette Coleman made an appearance at a book party and signing for The Blacksmith's Daughter July 31 at Sister's Uptown Bookstore in Harlem. The event was hosted by the Harlem Writers Guild.

LA Dale is currently in the throes of designing a new blog to promote indie authors who have eBooks available.  If you have an ebook that is published, or have a manuscript, and would like to become part of the site, sign up at here at No Tree Book Club.

Catherine Chisnall‘s book, Descending, had its first official blog review, appearing at this link on The Crazy Bookworm.

Stop in and meet our featured AOS blog authors this month: Jill Penningston, Alice Fay, Adam Sifre, James Jossack, Ron Sewell, and Tania Tirraoro.

Gary Ponzo’s latest Strong Scene Contest opens today, August 2. For more details on this month’s theme, go to the Strong Scenes website. Four finalists are chosen each month from all entries, with the winner receiving a $25 Amazon gift card.

Are you an author with great news to share? Email by midnight Monday US Eastern time to be included in that week’s page. We at AOS love reporting and promoting new developments on writers worldwide, and no news is ever too insignificant!


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  2. First of all, many congratulations on having your book published, Lori. We're all delighted for you at AOS and I'm sure our faithful followers will join us in wishing you all the best with it.

    Yet another brilliant update by, Lori. I'm afraid I deleted my new bit of writing today. It's not up to scratch yet and I want to work on it further first.
    How interesting to read all this news each week. Thanks for the hard work, Lori.

  3. Brilliant new, Lori. It's fantastic and well-deserved! And I want a signed copy, you hear me?