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Thursday, 5 August 2010

We want Your Stories

Have you got a book for sale as an e-book? We want to hear your (1,000 words or under) stories for an article or series of articles depending on how many respond. So many authors today are thinking of doing this, that we thought you could share your experiences.

What made you decide to do it, did it cost anything, what did you need to do and how satisfied are you with the outcome - who did you use and where is it for sale? These are all questions many of our authors ask and who would, no doubt, like to hear your thoughts on it all. Would you do it a different way next time or choose the same way again?

Other questions are; how do you market it, do the people you use help with marketing in any way, who prices the book and how do you feel about the amount of sales and royalties you're getting?

A selection will be chosen to make up and article/s giving different ways and opinions. Anyone we use, will have their name published and book title, together with a link to where their book can be bought. Thanks for helping us put this together.

You can send your stories to:

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