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Thursday, 26 August 2010

YA-YA: Books for young adults by young adults. Editorial taking submissions

Dear Authors,

It has long been legend that publishing houses are inundated by submissions on a daily basis. That situation is the primary reason there is such a long wait for a response. 

This is not, however, the case at Medallion. We accept only e-submissions, and our process is streamlined in order to stay current. This is obviously of benefit both to our Editorial department and to anxious authors. Because we are so efficient, however, we ask you to return the favor.

The first thing we look at is your query letter. It must contain the following: genre, word count, a brief story summary, and author credentials. If it does not, the partial will not be reviewed. In addition, the partial will not be reviewed if the query contains more than a brief summary or extraneous information. For example, please do not suggest an actress to play the part of the heroine should the book eventually become a movie.

Remember, authors, that a query is a first impression. If it does not follow our guidelines, it is not making a good first impression.


Helen A Rosburg
CEO, President, Executive Editor

Read Guidelines (courtesy Medallion Press)

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