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Monday, 27 September 2010

Call for short stories to go into book

As Sessha has the theme love stories this week it might be an extra push for you to send us some in. This is a note from author L.A. Dale who made a call for submissions on facebook, you could use the one you've submitted to our contest.

Hi guys,

I'm thinking of putting a set of short stories together in the romance genre - or any of it's subgenres - historical, contemporary, chicklit, fantasy etc. Not really erotica though.  Anyway, was wondering if any of you would like to contribute?  Stories up to 10,000 wds.  I will post some on my blog and might put them into a book through one of the POD sites and smashwords if we get enough takers and people willing to promote.  Anyone in?  If I get lots of responses in one or two subgenres, we could assemble into a series with a book for each genre!!! (wishful thinking) Or maybe even romance wirtten by girls/guys.

Send me your story, genre, wordcount to my email If the worst happens and only two people want a crack... I'll post you on my blog!  You have until the end of October to submit.


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