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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

An Example of a Good Book Trailer

Note from L. Anne Carrington: Okay, I had to toot my horn a little, as I found this to be both a pleasant surprise and very exciting, since I thought my trailer was quite generic in comparison to others I've seen.

Most book-trailers don’t receive any attention from readers. Problems with many book-trailers include the following:
1. The music does not match the mood of the books
2. They are too long
3. They are too wordy
This particular book-trailer of a book by author – L. Anne Carrington does not have any of these problems.

  • The music matches the mood of the book and is likely to appeal to it’s target demographic (mostly sporty young men and some women.)
  • It is short – just 57 seconds long.
  • And it does an admirable job of describing the story in just a few short sentences.

Read more (courtesy BookBzzr Blog)

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