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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Flash Fiction Challenge - Week Seven Winner

The winner of Week Seven of the Flash Fiction Challenge is the
amazing Suzannah Burke and her entry Gimme Another Doughnut.
Congratulations Suzannah – excellent work!

Suzannah Burke

About the Author

Suzannah Burke {Soooz} is an Australian.
She lives with her collection of critters on the North East coast of Australia.
She hated writing bio blurbs, she sleeps very little, and laughs a great deal.
The laughter is usually focused on the ridiculous irony that life occasionally
slaps people in the face with.

She has treasured friends that put up with her need to isolate herself.

Did I mention that she HATES writing bio blurbs?


Gimme Another Doughnut – Suzannah Burke

“Gimme another doughnut.”


“Fuck you, Phillips. Just gimme the damned doughnut!”

“Lieutenant … why don’t you grab some shut eye? I’ll keep watch.”

“Don’t suck up to me Phillips. I was doin’ these fuckin’ stakeouts before you were born. I’m as alert as you are. My blood sugars are just a bit low is all.”

By the look on his face, it wouldn’t be a good move to deny him his sugar hit. The lieutenant was a bastard at the best of times; this was not a best of times moment.

The tip off had come from one of his preferred snitches. We had been watching the house for 56 hours straight and neither one of us was in pristine condition.

I had been apprehensive about being assigned as Lieutenant James Patrick McCalister’s new partner.

He had been previously partnered by one of the best in the business; but Paulie Hansford was dead.

I was his new partner, like it or not.

He chose the ‘not’ option. Me being a female didn’t add to the celebration of the partnership.

I had only recently been assigned to the DEA, but my credentials were good. My instincts were equal to the task.

The house looked unloved. The jungle had almost repossessed it completely, except for the stairway leading up to the porch. It took humans to keep that cleared.

The lieutenant had been tipped that members of the Espinoza cartel were in residence and expecting a large drop. The aerial surveillance had detected hovercraft about 500 yards from the back of the house, in amongst the mangroves…swamp vehicles all. Seven of them, which meant one huge haul.

The remaining DEA agents were located in and around the swamp area; two more teams were out on the swampland itself. Positioned and ready in case the bust went bad. They would pursue and apprehend.

The DEA had been after Miguel Espinoza for a very long time. The lieutenant’s partner had been shot and killed by the cartel when his cover was blown. The entire agency was hungry for Columbian blood as a result.

My job was to ensure that the members of the cartel were arrested. Preferably in one piece.

The boss had other plans. I knew it … and so did the rest of the agents. He wanted retribution for his partner’s murder. Hell all of them felt the same way. That was why I had been brought in. I hadn’t known Hansford. On a personal level, I understood why he and the others wanted revenge.

In any other situation, I would have turned my back and let him do what needed to be done; but not this time. These connections were as close to the top as we had managed to get. The agency needed names. It was a long shot that any of them would talk; the chances of them surviving long enough to make it to trial were very slim, they knew what would happen to them and their families if they were taken alive.

My responsibility was to ensure the bastards stayed alive long enough to be of use.

The lieutenant stiffened in his cramped position, “Movement … left of the house.”

I followed his direction and saw men emerging from the jungle left of the house.

“Five … no, six of them”

“Uh-huh, and loaded for bear.”

He was right on that score…the men carried a heavy-duty killing arsenal.

“Advance guard?”

“Yeah, for certain.”

I nudged him hard for silence; I detected more movement…and the sound of a chopper in the distance moving in closer by the second.

“Here we go…you ready Phillips?”

“Let’s do this, lieutenant.”

The remaining agents “copied” in the radio call. We were go. The intended plan was to take them in the house, having already blocked access to the hovercraft. The chopper made the drop and left.

The heavily armed guys from the house headed out to the drop zone.

Lieutenant McCalister and I plus three other paired teams took up our positions around the perimeters of the house and waited.

World war three erupted in the vicinity of the drop zone.

“Fuck…let’s move in…now!”

The gunfire splayed all around us as we weaved our way towards the house. I rolled left and the boss rolled right, then we were up and running. I felt the bullet tear into my thigh and I dropped.

The lieutenant appeared next to me. “You breathin’?”

“Yeah … yeah.”

“Good, stay down.’

I watched him and four other agents hit the house at a full run…weapons open and spewing death. I grabbed my weapon with my left hand and tried to follow.

The drug-runners were bleeding, but four of them were standing. The lieutenant ordered them to put their hands behind their heads. They complied. He and the other agents marched them off to the clearing outside. They were cuffed and trussed — all by the book. I took a shaky breath of relief.

The lieutenant spun around at the sound and groaned at the sight of me. “Fuck you, Phillips…I told you to stay down.”

“I’m okay, lieutenant.” I said
“Yeah. I guess you are at that.”

“Okay…let’s get this thing moving!” He said.

I watched in disbelief as the four cartel members were executed in a co-ordinated barrage of automatic fire, by the lieutenant and the other agents.

“Noooo …what the fuck? What have you done you bastard? Are you crazy?”

“As a loon.”

The other agents laughed.

“Get the stuff loaded boys…I’ll take care of our other little problem.”

He pointed the glock at my head. “Pity …you should have stayed down. Paulie didn’t know how to do that either. Shame.

The son-of-bitch laughed. “You ever seen Two-hundred-million-bucks, Phillips? Buys a shitload of doughnuts.”

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