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Friday, 10 September 2010

How To Get Your Book Mentioned In A Newspaper

It is the dream of most authors to get their book reviewed in a major newspaper. But even the big ones are starting to cut back or eliminate reviews. And the ones that are still doing reviews tend to only do so on books published by the largest publishers. But that should not discourage you from getting your book mentioned in print. Here are some ideas that I have used to get my book, The Samson Effect, mentioned in newspapers.
1. A write-up doesn’t have to be in the New York Times or the LA Times to benefit you. Think local. Does your hometown, or the hometown you grew up in have a newspaper? Instead of a nameless, faceless book review, you now have become a story of local interest. “Local Author Publishes Book.” And most of these local newspapers will put your story on the web so that they will be there forever.

Tony Eldridge

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