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Wednesday, 8 September 2010


If you have submitted to us, or are thinking of doing so, you need to read this article in its entirety. It is because we care I am taking the time to write this and hope you take note of what it says.

Our aim is to help promote you with a view to being seen and maybe attaining an agent or publishing deal. Problem with that is, most of you don’t read the guidelines and are submitting incorrectly and often sending what hasn’t been asked for. What worries us is whether you are doing the same when submitting to agents or publishing houses. For this reason, I would like you to carry on reading.

It has been very obvious that some (not many) treat this as a place to get someone else to do their dirty work as they’re too lazy to do it themselves. It is always obvious which those are. We ask you all to treat this submission and self-promotion exercise as a practice run for when you submit to agents and publishers and maybe get a deal. If you can’t get it right for us, what makes you think you’ll get it right for agents or publishers? Shoddy submissions often indicate shoddy MSS.

Remember, if they see anyone of interest, they will be looking hard to see how you help display and promote yourselves. Those displaying immaculate work and showing good self-promotion abilities are the ones more likely to secure a deal. We are working very hard to promote you and all six of us are doing it on a voluntary basis and are happy to do so.

We are being swamped with submissions (I'm glad to say), but a lot are sent to the wrong e-mail address because authors aren’t bothering to read about the different categories or submission requirements.

Every writer has one goal: being published. Every agent/publisher has one goal: making money.

We at Authors on Show have a goal too: helping aspiring authors to be seen. To achieve this, we have various options for authors, published or unpublished. There is a page called FAQ's that explains where to send your submission, but it would appear most don’t bother reading it. If they do read it, they aren’t reading it properly judging by what we receive.

Guest authors are published. It doesn't matter how they are published, as long as they have a particular book for sale. It is usually after an invitation by us or their agents, but they can also ask to be considered for this category. Those who have done so up to now, have never submitted their request to the correct address.

Featured authors are the ones who are unpublished and are invited to submit to us with a view to being promoted. They should send a query following the guidelines clearly given in FAQ’s. to the e-mail address shown.

We state clearly in FAQ’s that all MSS must be well over half way to completion and not in need of heavy editing and yet we get submissions for MSS only a few chapters long or in need of a heavy edit.

We also state clearly what to send. By people sending us all the wrong things and to the wrong addresses they are making our job much harder than it needs be. So much time has been wasted up till now with Nicole and I having to sift through everything to work out which section it is for and if it is suitable.

We have taken the time to do this up till now, but from hereon in, it is up to you to get it right. Agents and publishers are paid a wage for the work they do, we aren’t. They will delete anything sent in that doesn’t follow guidelines exactly and yet they are paid to sit and go through it all.

We have sifted through everything sent to us no matter how bad or incorrect and it is nothing to see me work 12 hours a day due to it all being sent to one address. None of us is paid for this and I have decided we now have to be strict. If you can’t be bothered reading which address your submission should be sent to or which category it is correct for, if you can’t be bothered checking it fits all our guidelines and send only what is requested, then I’m afraid we can’t be bothered sorting it all out for you. From now on, all that are submitted incorrectly will be deleted with no explanation or notification given. Nor will I keep entering into endless e-mail queries asking what is happening if this is the case.

All we ask is you take the time to make sure you submit properly and help us to help you.

Thank You, Lorraine

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