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Sunday, 12 September 2010


When I first started Authors on Show, I had no idea it would grow to what it is today in such a short space of time. It meant, learning as I went. It was just me in the beginning with an idea and then I had help developing a website from Melanie, then Steve Jensen came along and helped design logos and run the AOS blog for a short while.

Just since April with one person with one little blog with one page, it has grown to the AOS blog with the maximum ten pages and also a main Authors on Show site with guest authors, thank you promotions, readers blog, interviews, editing and of course you, our main authors. From just me putting odd things up to try and promote you, it has now grown so much, that we have a permanent team of 6 looking after it all. They are all volunteers, none of us gets paid and they are superb. It is the whole team who make it so successful and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for being so willing, capable and most of all loyal.

It saddened me that each time I had to change the authors, the others were deleted. I thought it would clog the system and we would start crashing the sites with too much in there. I have been assured this won't happen.If you think something we're doing is wrong, please tell us. Likewise, if you think something we're doing is right, let us know. It is your feedback that helps us get it right and offer what you want to see and read.

From this month, when the main six authors are changed, they will be put on the front page as posts so they'll go in the archives. At least this is what I hope will happen. You'll have to bear with me on that as it is a little trial and error at first. I apologise to those who have been on here before, but we learn as we go. Maybe I'll be able to add something about you all at some point.

We have already started putting the interviews as posts on here so they go into the archives, I shall be doing that with the guest authors too from now on. The interviews and guest authors will be archived on AOS Blog, the six, monthly authors will be archived on the main site. Hope that's clear? Please do use the forum. I deleted it as it wasn't being used much at all and I was asked to bring it back. I have done so, with the added bonus of all being able to promote their books AND their blogs only to find no one goes on there to chat. Maybe we need some good old arguments like another site to attract us all to visit? Those threads are always popular. Maybe we should employ a couple of house trolls.

May I remind people that we are ALL meant to be helping to promote the sites so everyone is seen. At the bottom of each post or article, there are buttons for sharing. Please use them, I do and each time I do it on this site or the main one we get loads more viewers. Please can you help with that. I would be grateful. There are some who are doing a brilliant job of advertising us on their social networking sites and we thank them. In fact, there is now a page for that very purpose, to thank those who constantly bring more people to us and help get our authors seen.

I know some have complained we have changed things from time to time. This has been necessary in order to get things right. If it doesn't work, we change it. If it does work, it stays put. We think we have got the balance right now and so the big changes that were happening should now be in the past. If anything does have to be changed from now on, it will be minimal. I think you'll all agree the changes we have done improved the sites.

Thanks to all of you for following and supporting us and we look forward to promoting many more of you in the future.


  1. Bravo. The site has grown enormously. The learning curve has resulted in a professional and inviting place to be.


  2. I think it's a great idea to archive previous articles and blog posts - the more the merrier!

    I'm sure that many contributors would like to be able to include a link to their feature here: it all adds to one's portfolio, after all :)