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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


It is high time we started doing reviews for our authors. As you know, we were let down at the start of Authors on Show and decided not to rush into a replacement too soon. Now we are more settled and know where we're going, it has been decided to start offering them again. We have one person who is going to start doing some for us shortly, but not for a little while. It would be better to have a few reviewers to hand covering different genres and also to cover each other. That way, no one person has to feel the whole of the responsibility is on them.

No one is using the forum for general chat, so Stella and I decided to scrap most of the headings and keep just a few. The headings staying are: promote your books, promote your blogs/websites and the thank you thread, but all the rest will go.

Two new threads will now be added in their place  - your published and unpublished books.The books chosen for review will be chosen from these two new sections of the forum only. Anyone wanting a review should put their book name and a link to where it can be read under one of these two headings. No others will be considered.

We need reviewers before this can start. We prefer people who are used to doing them and who are not scared to say it as it is. Honest and tactful with constructive criticism. No one who will only give glowing reviews each time or who is too harsh and discouraging will be considered.. The reviews are meant to encourage and help our authors to grow and should be honest and true. Those wishing to be considered, will also need to be reliable and able to do at least one to two reviews per month consistently without us having to constantly chase you. In return for your work, you will  have a page to promote yourself for a week on a rotational basis with the rest of the team.

If you would like to be considered, please send a brief e-mail to stating experience, if any, and giving links to where reviews you have already done may be viewed by us.

The reviews will be done on no specific day or time, but will appear at random throughout each month starting (we hope) sometime in October. The books for review will only be chosen from the two headings mentioned and in no other way. No one will be notified their book has been chosen for review as they are all to be a surprise - even for us! It is up to you to keep checking the sites.

If you would like to do reviews and still be in with a chance of receiving them yourself, you may use an assumed name as a reviewer if you so wish.

I have just deleted old threads and set up the two new ones. You can now add your book titles and links to the two headings PUBLISHED BOOKS or UNPUBLISHED BOOKS 
If you want a review these are the ONLY two headings to place your book title under.

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