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Friday, 12 November 2010

At last...a possible launch date - and tour plans

Yesterday, I received some news from Night Publishing that my long-awaited book, The Cruiserweight, is scheduled to be released in paperback December 2010. I didn't get an exact date, but fingers are crossed that it will be right in time for the holidays, as well as ready for the virtual and personal appearances that are being planned for the New Year.

Don't worry, though; I'm not planning to leave AOS any time soon. I enjoy being part of such a great site, as well as its weblog manager and dashing out weekly news about other writers.

For more details on the planned virtual/personal tour for 2011, check out this press release..


  1. Finally!

    Some great news on AOS front. Love it! Do report how it feels to have your first own copy in your hands :-)

    Congratulations, Lori, and well deserved.

  2. Lori, we are so proud of you and delighted that all is happening for you at last.
    You are much loved by us all and we only wish you all the very best with everything.
    I think in January, we must book you as a guest author. After all, how good will it be to feature one of our very own team and help promote her book. I shall book you in.
    Being very selfish, I have to say we are thrilled you have no intention of leaving us at AOS