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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Building characters

As an editor I see all kind of manuscripts; some are more polished than others. The major work, though, are plot and characters. While every author has their character in front of his/her eyes, the translation into words often fails. The reader might get an idea of how the character looks, but what kind of person is he/she? What is so annoying, lovable, fascinating about this character? How does he/she interact with people? Though it’s not necessary to describe each character in details (looks), many authors do like to give the reader an exact picture. The best way to do it is to embed it into something the character does. i.e. she blew one of her dark curls out of her face. Or, she imagined his perfect long fingers caressing her body. We get that she has dark curls and he had perfect hands.
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By Nicole/Synopsisandbookfactory

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