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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Domain Renewal for Authors on Show

On the right hand side of the page you will see a donate button under the map. I don't like asking, but I'm going to. I have today received the Domain Name Renewal form for Authors On Show. Not only do I have to confirm renewal of our domain and pay for it, but in order to protect the name from being copied by others, I can pay extra to have it secured for two years. I would like to do this seeing as we are now getting so well known.

The cost for securing it is over £100 and is quite a lot for me to pay out of my own pocket as well as paying for the Domain name again. I was wondering if any of you could make a small contribution towards the cost of it to help out. I don't want anyone paying what they can't afford and no one is being asked to give if they choose not too.

I'm aware most other sites have donate buttons up all the time and I am only doing it when money has to be paid out. If you think it should stay up then let me know, if not, I'll take it down again, if and when the amount is reached. thanks all, Lorraine

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