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Sunday, 21 November 2010

New From January 2011

Each month on Authors on Show we feature six authors who are seeking representation. We also feature two guest authors per month who are mainly traditionally published. From January we are having a slight change in order to help more authors if we can. With so many now self publishing their first books in order to be 'seen', we have decided to try to help more of you.

The manner in which we do this is as yet to be formally decided, but one option being looked at, is featuring four unpublished authors as usual, but adding two self published authors as well. This format could swap around from month to month depending on quality of submissions received and quantity.

Another change will be the forum. It will go permanently as it is primarily used for those wishing to promote blogs, books and hoping for reviews. The reviews have been difficult at times as so many posting on there have omitted to put a link to where their books can easily be read. Without being able to read the books, a review cannot be done. We are making the forum private for now so those on there with proper links can still be chosen from and after the New Year, we will be selecting those chosen for review by a different and more efficient method.

I am also thinking of adding advertising space for those who wish to advertise their blogs, books or businesses. We will accept anything connected to the writing/publishing world on our pages and they will thereby benefit from being seen in over 80 countries. Those wishing to advertise their business, blog or book, will be offered a choice of advertising space at weekly, monthly or quarterly charges. Space is limited so early booking would be advisable. We are thinking of  adding a third blog to enable more authors and advertising to be possible.

As you know, we all work on these sites on a voluntary basis to help you all to be seen. I work on it as a full time job with no pay and often help people in other ways as well, which often means doing a 10 hour day . The others also work hard to bring you news, offer advice, keep you updated and offer interesting articles where they can. It is hoped this revenue will help reimburse them a little bit too. Next month, I have to pay out again for the domain name out of my pocket, which I am happy to do, but for the hours I put in, it would be good to receive a little something in return.

We have advertised many people and businesses on our site over the last year and they have benefited from being seen by thousands of people. It has been regularly pointed out to us that others charge for doing that and we should too. Obviously we shall continue to support our friends and other people from time to time at no charge. However, for those wishing a permanent space on our site we are now considering charging.

Suggested charges are:

 Page per month      1/4 page per month      Page per Quarter       1/4 page per quarter
       £25.00                        £10.00                          £70.00                           £25.00

       £100.00                      £25.00                          £275.000                        £70

Linage at top of author page                             Linage at bottom of author page
£2.50 per line per week                                           £1.00 per line per week
£5.00 per line per week                                           £3.00 per line per week.

Blue prices are for struggling authors

Red prices are for professional businesses or other

From January, links to other blogs, will now also be charged for at a rate of £1 per week. This does NOT mean links in features. It is the links on Blogroll only

your thoughts on the above will be appreciated and if anyone would like to book their spaces now, please contact

I wish to make it clear, that at NO time will any of our authors be asked to pay a penny. This is strictly for outside advertising.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's a great idea. Nobody has to pay if they don't want to, but if they want to benefit from reaching a bigger audience, it's a reasonable thing to do.

    Prices are reasonable, too.