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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Nook Books, Kindle and More

I am completely confused. My book is available now on so many different sites and I have no idea if anything is selling or being downloaded. is easy as it tells you straight out how many books have been sold and whether they are printed copies or downloads, Smashwords tells you too in an easy to find place.As for the rest of Smashwords though, I can't work out what I'm meant to do if anything. NookBooks I cannot get to grips with at all - what exactly is a Nook Book anyway? My book is available on Amazon's Digital Text Platform. Again, I can find it by typing in the title, but if no one knows about it and it isn't listed anywhere how do people find it? Also, the US version says no price available when there is! Most confusing and silly.

Do these sites make it as difficult as possible for us to follow in the hope we may not notice if we are owed any royalties, or is it because my book hasn't sold on the other sites that I can't see anything? In fact, if I type in the name of the book, A Sceptical Medium into their search box, my book shows up. If I look at their lists however, it doesn't appear anywhere so how do people find it to buy?

I would be very interested to hear from any of you if you find the same problems. If you have, did you overcome them and if so how? Barnes and Noble, Amazon Digital Text Platform, Smashwords (you can tell on there though) and all the other sites I could mention are so confusing it is horrendous. If any of you have the answers to all of this mystery and how we can demystify it all, then maybe you can tell us. We need an article in plain and simple words we can all understand to guide the confused - me - and tell us how it all works, what we should look for, and how we could understand and help promote our books on these sites. Let me know if you'd like to write one for us. Thank you.

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