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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The ultimate writer's disaster...or not

What's the next worst thing that can happen to a writer besides receiving endless rejection slips?

Would one's precious computer dying on them come to mind?

Oh, yes, the ultimate disaster, unless there's the forethought of backing up files. In my case, my precious manuscript is on the publisher's desk and ready for the next step in paperback. Needless to say, times like these are best to have my case, a netbook computer.

Otherwise, until I find a reasonably priced computer for my needs (nothing fancy), trips to the library would have been in order. Great for checking email, but writing weekly columns and novels? Not so much.

One nice thing about a netbook is that I can slide this little guy into my backpack and work anywhere I like. It even has a word processing program, so I can still do my columns and book reviews without difficulty.I
've kept it as a "backup computer" of sorts, so it took awhile to get used to this little guy. I'm rather starting to like it, though I prefer a trusty desktop PC.

Since my keyboard and monitor are in excellent condition, and the mouse is less than two months old, to buy a whole new system would be a waste of money. So the search for just a computer at a good price is on. Until then, I'll be reporting from my little blue netbook.

Motto of the story: Always have a backup, no matter what it is.


  1. I just copied this to paste on here and you've done it. Ah well, better late than never.

  2. I put it here first, then pasted it to AOS. =D

    Guess I'm getting used to this little machine.