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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Any day now...the paperback!

I received a message earlier today from Night Publishing,  stating The Cruiserweight is being put straight through. Managing Editor Tim Roux said the manuscript is now "impeccable."

There's a couple of other issues to complete before official publication of my book. A back cover blurb is being developed as well as a minor adjustment with the front cover needed. In any case, the publication process is still on schedule.


  1. Beyond's been a long two years since I first started writing this book =)

  2. No feeling like it to see your wok in print and up for sale. Wait till the first person you don't know buys it, incredible feeling. Good luck with sales - they'll fly I'm sure x

  3. I'm super happy for you. Hope that one day, I will experience this feeling, too.

    Good luck, may the punters shoot out of the ground like mushrooms. :-)