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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Blog Talk Radio to undergo changes February 2011

In February 2011, Blog Talk Radio is making changes to their membership policies. Such changes may affect some podcast hosts who broadcast through BTR.

I'd planned to debut Book and Author Talk beginning in January; however, anyone using free services at present will be charged (beginning February) in addition to putting restrictions on the free accounts, such as only one show a day, no shows during prime time , and no private episodes. With these upcoming restrictions, without shelling out extra cash, putting out a quality show would be difficult, so the idea's been scrapped - at least for now.

BTR does offer a Shared Revenue option, but even broadcasters with thousands of listeners don't reap in very much from it (one reported they net about a dollar per month), and since their pay out threshold is $25.00, most don't get revenue checks very often.

On the good side, there's always quality sites to keep up on the latest author and book news such as Authors On Show, Slush Pile Reader, and Authonomy, just to name a few. Several blog owners also conduct author interviews as well as publish book reviews. Even without a podcast, at least there's plenty of print resources, so being unable to broadcast on BTR won't be any great loss. SEEN This Week will continue to appear on the AOS Blog and The Book Shelf each Monday without interruption (unless it's a US-observed major holiday).

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