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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Book proof arrives!

Today is an example of the moment all authors dream of...the first time their name appears on a published book. Traditional publishing, independent small press publishing, even self-publishing - it's all the same in the end when it comes to the very first copy of all those years of hard work coming off the presses and into the author's hands.

Euphoric didn't begin to describe my feelings when I pulled The Cruiserweight's advance proof copy out of its package today.  Two years of writing, editing, re-writing, re-planning, re-editing, submitting one finished manuscript after another to a long list of agents and publishers, and here it is - five days before Christmas!

For the handful of killjoys along the way who said I couldn't do it or found some other way to put down my work, there were many more others who encouraged and supported me in the long run.  Your feedback - both positive and (constructively) negative - helped me form my novel to what it is today, and I can't express my gratitude too many times. I don't have to mention names; you know who you are, and for many of you, you've also realized your well-deserved successes.

There's no guarantee any of us will become wealthy off our work, but for me, seeing my completed work in print - and those who bought The Cruiserweight enjoying the book - are good enough. But on the off chance it does become a million-seller (though the concept may be far-fetched), I don't plan on complaining about such either.

Thanks to all of you who followed me along this journey, and especially to my agents and Night Publishing for taking me on as leaps of faith. Happy holidays!


  1. Lori, well worth the wait no doubt. It is a wonderful feeling and I agree about the many who do support us along the way.
    I have found so many new friends through writing and they are very supportive of each other, which is what makes Authors on Show such a pleasure.
    Sadly, there are the few who seem hell bent on being negative, but luckily not many.
    Enjoy the moment and what a Christmas present!

  2. Lori, I know exactly how you feel, and you're right. It doesn't matter how it got there but holding it in your hands does makes you cry; tears of joy and fulfillment. I have gotten gifts in the mail by some readers with the most amazing letters and it doesn't matter whether 100's 1000's or 100,000's of thousands are reading it; the fact that people are holding your baby and enjoying it is the most rewarding feeling any author can have...God Bless and years of success...Patricia aka Columbia Layers of the Heart

  3. Lori! Yay!

    I guess you will have your bottle of Champagne open and celebrate :-)

    Wonderful news.