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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Guest Author - December 2010

In Case You Missed It

The Guest Author this time is the Founder of Authors on Show, Lorraine Holloway-White

Lorraine Holloway-White

About Lorraine

Lorraine is a well sought after medium, healer and public speaker. People come to her house and ask for readings, or they do it via photographs from all over the world. Her healing gift has astounded many - herself included - and there has actually been one case of a kidney with a cancerous tumour having been saved after she gave healing for a week.

Not a stranger to being on national television, radio and newspapers for other work she has done, Lorraine was recently the 'big interview' in her local paper, The Herald Express for her writing and promotional work with fellow authors and she has just been the featured author on Authonomy, the site run by Harper Collins.
In the last year, she has written two books, for which her literary agents are now seeking a publisher. In the meantime, her blog, A Sceptical Medium has proved to be very popular indeed with people from all over the world viewing it and learning about spiritual matters. Lorraine is always happy to answer questions people send to her and has been asked many times when her books will be published as there is a great demand for them.

A Sceptical Medium
Lorraine Holloway-White

It was due to this demand from people online, visitors who came for healing or her audiences at her public speeches and talks she does, that she self published a book for them to buy while waiting for the others. She has titled it after her blog and, A Sceptical Medium 2 will be out in January 2011.

 Book one is a compilation and comprises; the introduction and first chapter of, A Guide's Guide to Mediumship and Healing, the prologue and first two chapters of her second book, My Life-My Mediumship and various posts taken from her blogs. A sample of these can be seen below.

Book Two is also a compilation of articles on such things as; Schizophrenia and Mediumship, When is it Right to Pass Messages?, What is the Soul/Spirit? and much more. There is also a brief excerpt in the back of another of Lorraine's book, Are You a Natural Medium - Your Questions Answered.

A Sceptical Medium is available to buy for yourself or as a Christmas present at: printed book - US prices - CLICK HERE printed book - UK prices - CLICK HERE

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Lorraine is fast becoming well known for her talks. Her aim is to change the way mediumship is practised by many today. It is her wish to see the 'entertainment' style demonstrations that are done in large theatres and stadiums stopped as it compromises the standards of mediumship and brings it into ridicule due to the way much of it is done. Mediumship is meant to be a private matter and not for public 'show' and a money making exercise.

What she has to say is often rather controversial, which is why sceptics as well as believers find her books and talks most interesting. The Society for Psychical Research is putting Lorraine's book in their library and is soon to recommend it to their members to buy.  They have informed her that, A Sceptical Medium is to reviewed at the end of next month and they have asked if Lorraine would be free to do a talk for them in London in February 2011. A date has yet to be arranged for this, but we will let you know when she will be appearing there.

Samples from Lorraine's book:

What is a Psychic?

An awful lot of people who call themselves mediums aren't. They are probably just psychics. What is a psychic you may well ask? A psychic is basically someone who has learned to develop their sixth sense enough to be able to 'read' someone or even the energy surrounding an object..

We have all been in a room when we have felt someone staring at us. You might eventually turn around to look and stare at exactly the right person who has been doing so. Another example is thinking of someone you may not have seen for years and within a day or two they telephone you or you bump into them. Other times the telephone will ring and you instinctively know who it is and you are correct. These things have happened to all of us at some time or other. These are just a couple of examples in order to explain what I mean. That is your sixth sense. What some people choose to call, being psychic.

The majority of us can also, on meeting someone for the first time, take an instant dislike to them or even not trust them . We have no idea why this is, but are often later proved to be right in our feelings. This again is the sixth sense at work. It is by developing this that enables some people to be able to 'read' another person's energy. I have no idea how this can be done, but it can. These are the people who often call themselves, mediums when they aren't.

They are also the ones who tend to generalise about most things and can make things 'fit'. Not all people who develop this sense use it in this way. There are a lot of very intelligent people walking around, who have unknowingly developed this ability and use it in their daily working lives. People who can make incredible snap decisions in their workplace and always be correct is one example of someone who has probably developed this quite well..

It is often akin to ones natural born instincts. All animals have an uncanny knack of sensing things in advance e.g earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding and all manner of similar things. This is them using the sixth sense, which we humans in general stopped using many generations ago. Back in time when there weren't telephones, televisions, newspapers, books or any other modern day gadgets or facilities, people relied on their sixth sense in their every day lives. In those times, it wouldn't have been abnormal for everyone to be able to appear psychic as they were only using the tools available to them at that time, which was their brain and their inbuilt defences and instinct.

With progression came inventions that made life easier. People didn't need to use their instincts so much anymore. As time went on, they were used less and less until present day where it is hardly used at all. It is a fact that we use very little of our brain and there is so much not known about the parts we don't use. Is it so ridiculous to think this sixth sense is most probably one of those parts now unused? Is it so ridiculous to think that some people are capable of developing it again should they so wish? I don't think so.

That said, let us not forget this does not make them mediums even if they want to think it does. It doesn't. It can make them psychic, but that is it. Not so clever then as we all have that ability within us. Not to be ridiculed either, because every person reading this has, through their lives, used the ability themselves without even being aware that is what they were doing. Think about it and you'll see I'm right.

Anyone so inclined can develop that inbuilt ability even now. There are ways this can be done, but it needs to be done in a responsible way. By that, I mean it cannot be used for the wrong reasons. Mine is developed to a point where I can look at people and can 'read' them. We all do this every day. Mine is so developed that I am able to see more than the majority. I have never been proved wrong in what I see in someone's character. I don't use it often though at all as it is quite wrong to 'read' someone in that way without their permission. You could do it too if you wished, most don't. I didn't develop it, it came more naturally as it does with some people. The difference is, I choose not to use it for monetary gain, sadly that isn't the case with so many people who like to think they are 'fortune tellers'.

That will do on that subject for now. Some of you asked what a psychic was and how they differed from mediums. I hope that has explained it a little bit. I don't want to go too in depth, but that will be enough to help you understand.

What is a Medium?

Last time, I covered what a psychic is - often also called a clairvoyant. Clairvoyants aren't always mediums, but a medium is always clairvoyant. This is because a medium has a natural ability, which means their psychic ability is also developed from a very early age.

A medium is someone who is meant to be able to interact with those who have died. I say meant to, because there is no proof at all to say this is what actually happens. I do it and yet I cannot categorically say this is what is happening without any doubt at all. Yes, I give information to people about those who have died and yes, I 'feel' a chill as though there is a presence, but does this actually prove 100% that there is someone with me who has died? I don't know is the answer to that.

I believe there is, but I cannot prove it. I know what I am receiving and trust in it. I can give information I couldn't possibly know, I feel what appears to be a person next to me, but none of this is actual proof. It is very convincing, but it is still not actual 100% proof.

I don't think I have ever met another medium who thinks that way. The ones I have met up until now all say it is definite proof. It could well be, but I would never say to anyone that I can bring their dead loved ones to speak with them through me. All I can do, is offer a reading which, more often than not, brings through information that I could not possibly have known.

I can describe people, take on their personalities, feel what they died of, taste their favourite foods, smell their cigarettes if they smoked and all manner of other details. Whilst this is happening, I feel a change in the temperature around me. It is always to my left shoulder. When I feel that chill start, I know there is 'a presence' for want of a better word, but is it someone who has died? No, in that case, it is my spirit helper and not the person I am giving information about.

I used to poo poo the idea of spirit helpers (or guides as most call them), but have realised this can't be so easily dismissed. The people I see, hear, feel and describe that aren't my helpers are different to that though. It is not something that is easy to explain in such a short post, but I do query what it is I am seeing or feeling.

To me, it isn't a bad thing to query this. As I have said before in other posts and in my books, there is nothing about life (or death) that a human being can possibly know everything about. There are mysteries we shall never be able to explain or prove no matter how hard we try. Scientists have tried so hard to disprove many things over the centuries, but are unable to in many things about life or death.
They cannot prove there are such things as spirits of the dead coming back to talk with us, but then again, they haven't been able to disprove it either. We all hear about the cases where frauds have been caught out and held up as examples to us all as though those few covered the board of all who profess to be mediums. Good is what I say, I am glad they are found out and exposed. I wish it would happen more often.

There have been cases though (admittedly very few) where some have been tested and it cannot be proven they are frauds. Even though they pass most, if not all of the tests, the scientists will still try to say it was pure chance they passed. Some people are just born to be sceptical about anything they can't understand. They are probably the same people who say religion is bad and there is nothing greater than us or the here and now.

Who is to say which of us is right and which is wrong? Life is made up of people who all have their own ideas and beliefs. The important thing is to respect each other. We cannot all agree and so we should do our best to let others believe in what they wish. As long as they do not knowingly hurt or deceive another human being, is this wrong? Why is it that so many people who truly believe in something are often called arrogant?  It is not arrogance, it is confidence. They should be allowed that confidence in their belief and no one else has the right to take that away from them.

A medium who is naturally gifted and works in the right way by being honest, caring and without charging huge sums of money, can bring tremendous comfort to many people throughout the world who do believe there is life after death. I believe there is life after we leave this world and I think it will be a much better one at that. I also believe there are ways that those who have gone can communicate with us or help us. What I don't believe, is that it is 100% factual that this happens.

I believe it as it happens to me. Others believe it, as they have seen and heard the results of a good medium's reading. There are many other people again who don't believe and seem to begrudge others having that comfort given to them. If a medium works in an honest way, they will often do a reading for nothing. When they do charge, it is often donations or a smaller amount.

It is rare to see a truly natural medium being greedy or pretending to 'connect' with anyone or anything. The ones who become greedy and charge astronomical amounts are usually doing so because their ego has taken over. It is so sad when I see a truly gifted medium start to behave in this way. There should be no theatrics, gasps, drama or any other such behaviour. A reading should be conducted in a normal way as friends would hold a conversation. There could be tears, laughter, memories shared, but never drama and histrionics.
If you see the above behaviour or see huge charges for demonstrations or readings, it could well mean the ego is now larger than the gift. A true medium will usually have humility although be confident, not charge huge amounts and be willing to try and help wherever possible. There is no such thing as 'not working'. There is no such thing as 'set hours', a medium is always on duty whether you hear them say they are or not.

If they work well with their spirit helpers and only work with higher energies, they will not be called on to pass a message or help anyone unless it is important. Yes, people have to have leisure time, but I have heard people in the past say they won't pass a message if they get one when at a theatre or out for dinner as they say they aren't working. This is when they have started to make it more of a business than a calling. I am rarely asked by my spirit helpers to pass a message when I am out, but it has happened on rare occasions and I always do as they have asked.

There is never a wrong time in their eyes. It may be that the opportunity arises at an inconvenient time for you, but it usually happens because it is the only time the person will be able to receive the message they are meant to receive. If you don't do it, that opportunity could be lost for ever. They never ask us to do it when it won't be received well. Remember, they know far more than we do. If you are doing this work, it is important you trust the spirit helpers who work with you to know what's best. If you don't trust what you're doing and the spirits you work with, then you shouldn't be working as a medium.

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