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Monday, 29 November 2010

November Authors

WARNING: Content of some books may contain excessive swearing, scenes containing sex, violence or matters of a sensitive nature and may not be suitable for people under the age of eighteen.
As it is Halloween, we have added a couple of appropriately themed books about all things strange and unexplained

Julie Schronk

Julie Schronk

About the Author
Julie (Humphries) Schronk grew up in Dallas and graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Fine Arts exhibiting a talent for art at a very early age She is the author of numerous funny books for young reader including The Werewoof series-a four book series for ages 8-12, Waiting for Aliens, Big Bad Wolf and Dogchiatrist: The Transformation of a Patient and a historical novel for young readers titled...The Grass Grows Green which was read and critiqued by the great screenwriter, Sara Flanigan who wrote the screenplay of Diane Keaton's movie...Wildflower.
She also writes adult fiction, and has penned a monster mash-up humorous book titled Scrooge, the Vampire with expanded text from Dickens' beloved classic...A Christmas Carol. The novel is currently being considered by a leading California literary agency. Julie is also a professional artist who sells her own original folk art on Ebay each week and in fine art galleries across the U.S. Her paintings have been auctioned off in the largest folk art auction in the country...The Slotin Folk Art Auction and have been featured in their  auction catalogues.
She resides in Texas.
To read an excerpt of Julie's book CLICK HERE
Vesna Kovac and Andy Evans
About the Authors

Andy Evans

Andy Evans was born in the gritty coal mining communities of Yorkshire, England.
After leaving school at the age of sixteen he followed the generations of school leavers before him to work in the local coal mines.
Following the demise of the UK’s mining industry in the mid 1990’s he now works within the Criminal Justice System.

Vesna Kovac

Vesna Kovac was born and raised in the Bosnian Town of Novi Travnik.
After leaving school she graduated as an engineer after studying for five years at the military academy in Zagreb.
She now lives in the USA with husband Tonci and sons Nino and Tony
Both writers came together following a twenty year search to uncover family history from the former Yugoslavia and published their first book In Search Of The Displaced Persons in July 2009.
To read an excerpt of Vesna and Andy's book CLICK HERE
Jeff Lee

Jeff Lee

About the Author
Born in New York State, Jeff Lee was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and has spent his entire writing career in Los Angeles.
For more than thirty years he has been a copywriter and creative director for some of the advertising industry’s most recognizable agencies, winning numerous awards for his creativity. Unfortunately, none of those ad agencies are still in business, but Jeff appears to have an alibi.
Trained as a cook in the Army, he still enjoys being creative in the kitchen and admits that few things in life compare with the thrill of discovering you have just given a nasty case of food poisoning to 140 heavily armed men.
Jeff lives about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, in a house he shares with his two sons and a cat that’s part golden retriever.
To read an excerpt of Jeff's book CLICK HERE
Kathryn  Brown

Kathryn Brown

About the Author
In July 2001 I moved to Northumberland after the sudden death of my father. I married the love of my life and together with my autistic daughter we are now living our dream, running a sheep and arable farm. But as the years passed and looking after my daughter became more challenging, in 2010 I decided to write about my paranormal experiences in the form of a fiction novel.
I have published two children’s books, Adventures at Aaron Loch Farm which is a compilation of farm related stories, and Freddy The Brave which is about an eight year old boy who learns to swim after being scared of the water.
My blog, Crystal Jigsaw, with over a thousand followers has been named a “Blogger of Note” on two occasions and concentrates on farming life together with writing and looking after my daughter.
Here are the links to my two self-published children’s books:
For Crystal Jigsaw Blog

'Adventures at Aaron Loch Farm'

To read an excerpt of Kathryn's book CLICK HERE
Jen Kamerman-Jenkins

Jen Kamerman-Jenkins

About the Author
Jen Kamerman-Jenkins was born near Houston, Texas on April 6, 1970, but she was raised in the San Francisco Bay area. Early on she showed a considerable natural ability for drawing and writing, and when she got to high school she added acting to that list of creative outlets. She intended to go to college to study psychology and minor in speech and linguistics, but fate and luck had a different plan for her and in 1990 at the age of twenty, she found herself working on the new hit animated series “The Simpsons” as a character animator. Jen worked on the show in various creative capacities for twelve years, culminating in her landing a prestigious spot as an animation director. She directed three episodes before she decided to leave the show in 2002.
During her twenties, she suffered with a bout of binge-eating disorder that put an extra one-hundred and thirty pounds on her body, and then at age thirty she took the weight back off, sliding down into the anorexia nervosa that has followed her to this day. In December of 2008, she entered three months of inpatient treatment at Rosewood Ranch Centers for Eating Disorders, coming out in February of 2009. She and her family moved from Arizona back to New Orleans that summer to get a fresh start in a more positive environment and that is where they currently reside.
While in treatment for anorexia, she was also diagnosed with bipolar disease, which shed light on a lot of the behaviors that have dominated her life. She now writes full time. Her first book, “The Vanishing Point,” a memoir of her twenty-year struggle with eating disorders, was finished right before she went into treatment, and was published in January of 2010. Currently she is working on the sequel, “Burning Phase,” about her treatment and recovery experience so far.
To read an excerpt of Jen's book CLICK HERE
Lorraine Holloway-White

Lorraine Holloway-White

About the Author
Lorraine lives in Devon, U.K. is married and has one son. She only started writing in November last year and has now completed three books and is in the process of writing a couple more. She is known as, A Sceptical Medium and has self published a book by that very name. She has two other books which she hopes to have traditionally published, both on mediumship and healing. Her books are of interest to sceptics due to her straightforward no nonsense approach and easy to read style of writing.
She is also the founder of Authors on Show and spends each day doing her best to help promote fellow writers on the AOS sites and their FaceBook and Twitter pages. When she has time, she does public speaking trying to re-educate people on how mediumship should really be done. It is her aim to try to stop the showmanship and entertainment style that has taken over today and where huge sums of money are often paid out.
To read an excerpt from one of Lorraine's book CLICK HERE
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