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Monday, 20 December 2010

SEEN This Week 12/20/10

I hope this week finds everyone well. Even with the upcoming holiday only five days away, good news with authors continues to come in.

Gerry McCollough gave a few interviews last week. She appeared December 12 on Spit the Pips, the Queen's University internet radio writing program. Gerry reported that the interview was a "very pleasant relaxed occasion." On December 13, Arts Extra on BBC Radio Ulster interviewed Gerry as well. If you missed it, check out the replay on BBC iPlayer.

She also appeared on Gerry Anderson's show in Northern Ireland December 16. Anderson launched into a diatribe about how all the featured books in bookshops are crap nowadays and all the good ones hidden away. You can listen to Two Gerrys, starting just over 43 minutes into the show:

Diane Lockward was interviewed by Derek Alger at Pif Magazine.

Author Claire Power Murphy is a contributing editor of a new weekly column to appear on Author of the award-winning book Preserved to Serve, and Founder of The Self Rejuvenation Center, Inc. Claire will be educating readers on how to Improve Health Every Year. She will lead readers to appreciate the value of wellness as they learn about The Eight Laws of Health and how best to incorporate them into their lives.

The latest in Simon Forward's sci-fi comedy series, The Root Of All Evil, is available on Amazon Kindle and other ebook formats via Smashwords. Additional details about his books can be at this link or by visiting his website.

Free samples of the first few chapters of Simon's book are available on Amazon and Smashwords. A print version is scheduled for February 2011 release, but the ebook format sells for £1.99 ($2.50 USD).

Julie Maloney, founder/director of Women Reading Aloud, accepted an invitation to lead a writer's retreat on the Greek  island of Alonnisos in June 2011. The retreat is open to all levels and all genres. Click here for additional details, including beautiful accommodations.

Chalet Publishers, Inc. is proud to announce its newest author Rick Chesler's  thriller novel has a March 1, 2011 release date. The book, kiDNAapped is Rick's second novel. His first, Wired Kingdom, was a best seller in 2010.

Kit Marlowe's latest novel was released by Tease Publishing on December 15. The Mangrove Legacy is available at All Romance Ebooks.

The Dancing in the Dark anthology book will be on hiatus until early 2011, when it returns with new material, new artwork and a whole new attitude. Dancing in the Dark is brought to you by PfoxChase, a division of Pfoxmoor Publishing. Nothing like some of the hottest erotica around to begin the New Year.

Survivors In Action founder Alexis A. Moore's latest book, A Parent's Guide to Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying, is now available on the Survivors in Action website. 100 percent of the proceeds are being donated to create a victim resource.

Jane Hammon's short story, Los Algodones, was published in Verbicide.

Random House UK announced that it will be releasing an audio book version of Alma Katsu's novel The Takerfor April 2011. Croatian rights were sold to Algoritam.

Christine Macdonald's book State of Mind, a glimpse of the clinical depression she suffered after stepping away from the stripping pole, was recently featured on Scribd.

My news for the week:

Night Publishing now has a profile page of me and my book on their website. In addition, The Cruiserweight was released in paperback on Amazon December 15.

Got a story you'd like to see in an upcoming column? Make your announcement on any writing site or email me at before the end of the week have it posted in the following Monday's installment.

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Have a joyous, happy, and blessed Christmas.

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