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Friday, 10 December 2010

Signing Contracts

During the past few months, I have watched and read that some authors get very excited when offered publishing contracts. The reason I'm worried, is because I have seen some are with very small publishing houses without any way of checking some of them out properly. If the authors concerned had a reputable agent, this wouldn't be a problem as they would check everything thoroughly for you all.

I have tried to warn some that contracts shouldn't be signed without having the contract checked and have suggested where this can be done. Next month, we are having an article on Authors on Show by Kevin Stewart of Contracts For publishing Limited. Kevin and his partner Stephen have been scrutinising publishing contracts between them for more years than they care to remember and we are delighted they are going to do an article advising our authors on the perils of signing contracts 'blind'.

Anyone without an agent is advised to always have anything checked over by a professional who is experienced in that particular field. It is pointless saying you can't afford to do it, you can't afford not to do it. Who is to say which author will become the next J K Rowling? By signing anything you haven't had checked, you could be signing away millions without realising it. 

If you have been offered a contract now, please contact me for details on who you can seek advice from or go to our 'help' page on the main Authors on Show site. Let's start the new year properly and make that resolution now, that no one will sign anything without getting it all checked properly. If you aren't sure and think I'm being over cautious, please wait until you have read Kevin's article next month and then make your mind up. I think you'll enjoy it and find what he has to say quite an eye opener.


  1. Good advice. There are some writers who done well without agents (though haven't become ultra-wealthy, but chances of doing so anyway is less than one percent), but as I like to say, when in doubt, check it out. Thank goodness I found Preditors and Editors back in the beginning!

  2. I have so much to learn. Thanks.