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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Why Many Authors Choose Pseudonyms

Most authors want the whole world to know that they have written a book, and the typical author is thrilled to have his or her name on the cover. However, some authors choose to use pseudonyms when publishing. Why do authors use pen names, instead of their own names, when publishing books?

Cathy Stucker

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  1. I am writing my first draft of my first novel and have already decided on a pseudonym. My reason being that I don't want people I meet in my day job to google me and find things out about me. It's a safety and privacy aspect for me. I work in an area where this is a very valid reason.

    I don't have an issue with having to use a pen name. I will know I've written that book and my friends and family, those important to me will know it's me that has written that book. It's just a name, it won't take anything away from my achievement.

  2. I love my pen name, that's why I'm using it and I'm called Stella anyway. My original surname would be too confusing for the UK market.

    And it's a simple marketing tool. My pen name is not a regular one, so I'm easy to find on google.

  3. I wished I used a pseudonym name. To late now though with two books out? Not just because of the safety issue but because my last name is Wise and the "W" is also on the bottom shelf!

  4. I'm debating with the idea of using a pseudonym when I eventually go to publish.

    I prefer the idea of being able to keep my own life and my life as an author seperate. Also, I think my name is too bland and isn't easily remembered. It sounds vain, but memorable authors generally have memorable or catchy names. They have names that stick. I already know from previous experience that mine doesn't.

    Both of these, as well as the ones already suggested, contribute to why I lean towards the idea of a pseudonym.