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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


During 2010 Authors on Show was launched and our aim was to promote as many authors as possible - which we've been doing. They in turn were to help promote us, thereby bringing more visitors to the site in order for the authors to be seen. For a variety of reasons, it has been decided the way this is done will now be totally different from mid February. There will be no more submissions for any category and we will not be featuring the usual six authors per month nor a guest author in the way we do at present.

We thank those who have sent submissions to us, but the authors being promoted later this week are the last chosen in this way.

From mid February, the team members will have their own pages. On those pages, they will have whatever they want. It can be articles, reviews of books they've seen and liked or even interviews with authors and they can promote who they like, when they like. 

Our aim is still to promote as many authors as we can, but from now on, we will be doing it in a way to make the site easier to follow and most of this will be happening on the main Authors on Show site.  We will still have the flash fiction competition, weekly article and blog posts, but will no longer have extra pages for authors on the AOS blog.

From time to time, we shall update the 'my story' page on the main site and this will be for any of us to promote an author - at our invitation only - who we would like to see promoted, whether it is to help gain representation, a publishing deal or promote a book about to be launched. It is hoped that we shall be having interviews with publishers, literary agents and anyone else who can help guide you on your path to becoming a successful published author.

Authors on Show official launch was 16th May 2010, it has, therefore, been decided the new look Authors on Show will be on February 16th. We hope to see you all there.


  1. Changing, evolving - healthy and exciting. All the best for a succesful second year.