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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Does winter weather motivate us to write?

How many times have you heard the outcry of "I hate snow!" this past week?

Perhaps this is one factor which inspired the classic opening line "It was a dark and stormy night..."

All right, so snow isn't ideal for road travel or even walking, but there's at least one good quality that most of us authors will like: taking advantage of being shut in by inclement weather and impassable roads by doing a new writing project.

It seems winter weather helps unlock writer's block and bring out new ideas for our books (or short stories; it depends on what we're developing). Writing during foul weather can help keep our minds off more stressful situations - whether after a long day at work or even wondering when your city workers will clear the streets of that dreaded snow and ice.

How many of the most popular books were written during a winter storm? We may never find a definite answer, but I can say that when I was working on my book this time last year, the majority of the chapters were written during a major storm, which took place in early February 2010. The entire city was in a state of emergency and everything closed, so what else could I do?

Does snow (or rain if you live in a warmer climate) inspire you? Was it an inspiration to starting a book or completing one? I'd like to hear how you were motivated when stuck at home due to undesirable weather conditions.

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