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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Interview with Night Publishing's Tim Roux

The last time I interviewed Tim was in March 2010.

I sneaked up behind him when he wasn't looking and asked for another one.

.........It also appears that some of us (including me) may now be members of the 'Silver Bikini Brigade' !!

Q. Tim, 2010 has been a very successful year with many books being published, which encourages me to ask the question … Is NP now self sufficient as far as finances go?

Yes, we are, especially thanks to Daniel Birch's 'Get Some' which has sold some 35,000 copies and is still shipping 200 copies a day.

Our primary aim is to get good writing out there rather than worry too much about sales and profits, but we are obviously aware that sales are very important to most of our authors (often struggling, sometimes starving as they are), and we are seeing several books beginning to sell very respectably and learning new promotional tricks all the time.

I would say that we were about on target financially until Danny's book took off – now we are well ahead of target but still only scratching the surface in terms of our promotional effectiveness.

Charlotte Castle's 'Simon's Choice' has also been an outstanding performer since last month and, if we have got a little promotional insight right, another 4-6 books should take off like Danny's over the next month or so.

At the same time, we are taking on more expenses, for instance that we will start to publish our UK books via an additional source to get better UK distribution, as is so unreliable in terms of listing our books – it lists the Kindles, but often not the paperbacks (or it lists them and removes them again).

Read more (courtesy Teresa Geering)

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