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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lorraine and AOS make an impact on Shortys

Lorraine Holloway-White

On behalf of Authors on Show, allow me to do some horn tooting.

I've been watching the Shorty Awards rankings the last day or so (not only for the benefit of our site, but also following another author favorite of mine), and as of this post, here are some current AOS-related standings:

Founder Lorraine Holloway-White has reached the Books leader board's top spot with her acclaimed book, A Sceptical Medium.

She also holds the 13th spot on the Innovation leader board for Authors on Show, 84th on the Author leader board, 55th on on the leader board for Apps, and on the Politics list, is currently 82nd.

Voting deadline for the Shorty Awards  is at the end of January, with top six placers going on to be judged for a winner in each category. I'm sure our followers would like to see at least one AOS representative make the final cut. Thanks to all who have voted so far, and keep them coming!

If any of you have a Twitter account and would like to vote and see AOS reach the finals, you can click on the links above and vote for @lorryholly in #innovation, #books and #author. By voting in all three, it helps move up the rankings far quicker. You can, of course, also vote for @lcarrington1 in #author and #books

1 comment:

  1. Lori, naughty girl. You never mentioned you were 9th in books and doing very well.
    The reason I asked people to change from voting for AOS, is because if @lorryholly is voted on in #innovation (for AOS) #books and #author it means climbing the ranks quicker than having it in separate names. The votes for each category are taken into consideration, put together and help you move up the board.
    So if any of you want to keep voting in these three categories, please do it for @lorryholly and NOT AOS or Authors on Show. We're hoping you do vote and if so, please do it for all three to help us move up. Thanks.

    @lacarrington1 can also be voted for in #books and #author too