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Friday, 14 January 2011

Nominate your favorite books for a Shorty Award

Blog subscribers and readers who have Twitter accounts are welcome to nominate some of their favorite people in social networking via the third annual Shorty Awards. I am particularly following the Books category, and nominated a few personal favorites.

Go to The Year's Best Books on Twitter leader board page to view the current list and cast your own vote for who should receive recognition for their own books.

Good luck to all nominees!

We need your votes for Authors on Show 

The community is invited to nominate Twitter users for excellence over the past year. Each award recognizes each content creator's entire body of work, not just an individual tweet. Nominations are made by sending a tweet, whether it's through this site or on Twitter.

In February, the nominees will be narrowed down to six finalists in each category. Winners will be determined by a combination of popular vote and by the members of the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences. An awards ceremony, complete with 140-character acceptance speeches, will be held in March in New York City. 

If anyone fancies, we'd love recognition nationally for Authors on Show. We need 85 votes to get in the top 5. With your help and with you asking your friends to vote too, we can do it. Please help us.If you are on Twitter, please vote by copying and pasting the sentence below adding your reason at the end unless you want to use exactly what is below. If we win and you live anywhere near New York, you can collect the award on our behalf. Now there's an incentive to vote.

I nominate @lorryholly for a Shorty Award in #innovation because of her creation of @AuthorsOnShow

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