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Monday, 10 January 2011

SEEN This Week 1/10/11

A week into the New Year, and literary luminaries are already up to full speed. Here is the latest:

Authors On Show and Lorraine Holloway-White are nominees in the Third Annual Shorty Awards. Be sure to stop by and vote for them.

Night Publishing announced that their goals for 2011 are to sign twenty-five new writers, focus on their relationships with existing writers, and driving sales of the books already published and promoted.

Their updated their roster now includes fifty-five writers: Andrew Morgan, Andy Rausch, Andy Szpuk, Bob Ellal, Brendan Gisby, Carolyn Allen, Andy Rausch, Catherine Chisnall, Cerys Black, Charlotte Castle, Christine Hall Volkoff, Colin T. Mercer, Danny Bent, Danny Birch, David Cooke, David Kupisiewicz, Gail Metcalfe, George Fripley, George Polley, Geraldine Murfin-Shaw, Gerry McCullough, Jillian Brookes-Ward, Jessica Degarmo, Joanne Ellis, Joe Hakim, John Booth, Kat Ward, KJ Rigby, LA Dale, L. Anne Carrington, Lael Whitehead, MA McRae, Maria Kuroshschepova, Melane Ray, Michelle Young, Mike Watts, Minnette Coleman, Nigel Lampard, Olivia Reed, Paul Morris, Paul Perry, Poppet, Robert Adams, Robert Craven, Samantha Towle, Sheila Mary Taylor, Simon Swift, Stacey Danson, Stephen Sangirardi, Steven Jensen, Stuart Ingram, Teresa Geering, Terry Gould, Tom Winton and Tim Roux.

Authonomy is seeking non-fiction concerning pets, animals and the like. Send stories (or links to stories) to They are also offering a workshop January 29, where participants can spend the day learning details of DIY (do it yourself) publishing for £150.

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline's latest novel, Save Me, is set for release in April 2011.

So Shall Ye Reap author Mat Jackson is also an app developer and international property developer, with four of his apps in development and one in coding-student trials a huge hit. Follow his app news updates on Twitter @matj200, the latest on books and writing @MATJ100, and property development updates @matjackson.

Mat also received four nominations in the Shorty Awards in the author, apps, and investing categories.

Heather Kristin's book,
Live and Let Love (Simon and Schuster, 2011), an anthology which includes her essay about losing her home, and at times her mother, will be in bookstores and featured on Good Morning America in February.

Mark O'Neal
is featuring authors' profiles and their new books on his blog.

Robin Black's
collection of short stories is entitled If I Loved You I Would Tell You This was #6 on Oprah's Summertime Reading list. Robin handles life, love and loss with a fresh approach that makes us feel like we are the characters in her beautifully told stories.

A chapter of Susan Conley's forthcoming memoir, The Foremost Good Fortune, (Knopf, February 2011) appeared in the New York Times Magazine Lives Section January 2. The title is Starter Buddha and discusses Susan and her husband looking for some kind of cancer talisman in Beijing's largest flea market.

Paul House's
PIGS 5 is now on his website.

Liana Lavere's
essay, Life is Out There...Waiting, appeared in her Diocese's Faith Magazine.

Cliff Ball is
giving away five copies of his novel The Unsurper. Log on to Goodreads for additional details on entering to win a copy.

Rebecca Fjelland Davis'
Chasing AllieCat is coming out in February. View the Chasing AllieCat book trailer and see more about the the book at Junior Library Guild Selection.

DuEwa Frazier's
poem, What Light Looks Like, in honor of novelist, poet, and playwright Pearl Cleage, is featured in the new Winter Sanctuary issue of Kweli Journal. Click on Poetry tab to read it and other poems.

Meet Jacob Burrage, author of Caught Up, on One World Singles January 17, beginning at 12:00. He will share his reasons for becoming an author and offer some inspiring tips to would-be authors.

The paperback version of Diane Zahler's middle-grade children's novel The Thirteenth Princess was released by HarperCollins January 4.

Kathleen Spivack's
recent chapbook A History of Yearning, the winner of the Sow’s Ear Poetry Chapbook Prize, also received first prize for poetry books at the London Book Festival, and another award at the New England Book Festival.

Ericka Clay
recently published a book of short stories and poetry called D is for Dysfunctional.

My news for the week:

Check out the latest feature with me on All the Blog's a Page, which appeared online last Monday, January 3.

I've received a Shorty Award nomination in the Author category.

I'm also proud to be participating in sales for Pittsburgh's Project Evolution event, which takes place January 28-29. If you live in or plan to visit the area that week and wish to attend this benefit for the Homeless Children's Education Fund, click here to purchase tickets and enter promo code LORI to get $10 off the ticket door price.

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