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Monday, 17 January 2011

SEEN This Week 1/17/10

Are you all as tired of snow and cold as I am (considering if you're living anywhere in the world with winter weather)? Here's hoping this week's news will warm your spirits.

Look for changes coming soon to the Authors on Show website. Some new features are currently in the works, with the official unveiling scheduled around February 16.

Authonomy still has tickets remaining for their next workshop, DIY (do it yourself) Publishing. The event will take place January 29. More information can be found on their blog.

Slush Pile Reader will publish its highest ranking manuscript at the end of the current voting period, on February 1. For additional details, click here.

As of this column's printing, KJ Krons's Saint Peter Killed God claims Slush Pile's top spot.

Wondering how Facebook can help you market your book? Join BookBuzzr's webinar on Facebook Fundamentals for Authors January 26.

Voting is now open in Gary Ponzo's latest Strong Scene Contest. Click here to view the latest entries.

Pertinent Reviews: Things That Don't Suck listed Saving Nathaniel by Jillian Brookes-Ward on their newly tagged "humor" list January 10.

The Shorty Awards lists So Shall Ye Reap author Mat Jackson tied in seventh place among a few other writers. Mat also holds a tie among other nominees for 56th in the Apps category, tied for 39th in fan sites, and tied in the 80th position on the Author board. The great news is Mat's the lone name on Investing.

On a side note, So Shall Ye Reap has eleven five-star reviews on

Also in the Shorty Awards, AOS founder Lorraine Holloway-White has reached the Books leader board's top spot with her acclaimed book, A Sceptical Medium. She also holds the 13th spot on the Innovation leader board (for AOS), 85th on the Author leader board (tied with Authors on Show, go figure!), 56th on on the leader board for Apps, and on the Politics list, is currently 83rd.

Agnieska's Shoes, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, Authonomy, and Austin-based horror queen Gabrielle Faust are also on the Shorty Awards Books category list. Stop by and show your support.

Allan Mayer is giving away his novel Tasting the Wind as an e-book. To find out why and to get your free copy, visit the Allan Mayer's Weblog site.

We would like to offer our best wishes to Louise Wise, whose book is on its way to a publisher.

Nikola Streker recently completed his first novel titled AlieNation, about a boy who witnesses a massive explosion at the beginning of a war, which makes him transcend space and time in a search for personal meaning. AlieNation can be read on Slush Pile Reader.

Catherine Condie's book Whirl of the Wheel is #46 on Amazon's Top 100 free Kindle Books list.

Matt Shaw has released a Kindle version of his book, I'm Fine, on

Jessica L. Degarmo's delightful chick lit novel, How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket, made a major jump this past week in Kindle sales as a result of Paula Haataja advertising the book on Daily Cheap Reads.

Night Publishing's bestselling author of Clipped and Get Some, Danny Birch, was Catherine Chisnall's first interview of 2011. Catherine is also seeking more male authors for interviews.

Prue Batten is preparing editions of her first two books for Kindle, as well as waiting for a response from Cornerstones concerning her third novel.

Crime Beat by Scott Nicholson was released on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble NOOK January 15.

Juliet Wilson will be reading at Forest Cafe's Golden Hour in Edinburgh January 19 at 8:00PM.

Writers Unite to Fight Cancer will be having a book event at the Speedway Bookmans store in Tucson on Saturday, March 19, 2011 from 11AM - 1PM. Margaret Turley, author of   Save the Child is administrator of Writers Unite - a philanthropic group of authors who raise money for the American Association for Cancer Research. We donate a portion of our book sales to the AACR. If interested in joining Writers Unite to Fight Cancer for future events please contact Margaret at:

Simon and Schuster will be producing an audio book version of Alma Katsu's The Taker.

My news for the week:

Pertinent Reviews: Things That Don't Suck listed The Cruiserweight on their newly tagged "humor" list January 10.

Yes, The Cruiserweight will have a sequel!  A new manuscript is in progress for Kerrigan's Legacy. Sample chapters are posted on Authonomy.

At last look, I was tied for 106th on the Shorty Awards' Author leader board and ninth for Books.

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If voting for Authors on Show in #innovation category do it under the name of @lorryholly or else we'll lose the placing. Doing AOS separately, meant we dropped places so are keeping to 'lorryholly FOR authors on show.

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