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Monday, 31 January 2011

SEEN This Week 1/31/11

I can't believe it's already the end of January, but as I like to say, it's one day closer to the much-anticipated 2011 spring season here in the US. As always, good news comes from some of the literary world's finest.

The York Festival of Writing is set to take place in March 2011. The good people of Authonomy attended last year and reported the event was "awesome." Click here for additional details.

If you haven't voted for your favorite manuscript on Slush Pile Reader yet, it is down to the two final days. Deadline is tomorrow, February 1, and then the top ranked manuscript will be chosen for publication under the Slush Pile Reader imprint.

Registration for EPICon 2011 ends February 7. The writer's conference will be held March 10-13 in Williamsburg, VA. Information and registration here.

Think Twice by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline arrives in paperback February 1. Click here to read or listen to the first chapter.

Leigh Fallon's book, The Carrier of the Mark, is set to be published by HarperCollins in Fall 2011. The Carrier of the Mark first appeared on Authonomy.

Agent Mary Kole, founder of Kid Lit, is teaching a children's books webinar February 3. A free critique will be included. More details here.

Tom Waits raised almost $90,000 for the homeless with his chapbook.

PfoxPub announced a two-book deal with Greta van der Rol for her sci-fi/romance adventure series, The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy and The Iron Admiral: Deception. Look for the first in this exciting tale of intrigue and danger, heart-stopping action and heart-throbbing romance, in late spring 2011.

L.M. Stull conducted an interview with Sex Scene: An Anthology author Robert James Russell. The entire feature can be read here.

Michele Brenton (aka Banana the Poet) was intervied by This Is South Walkes on placing third so far in the Shorty Awards' Poetry category.

Speaking of the Shortys...guess who claimed the spot in Books? No other than AOS' very own fearless leader Lorraine Holloway-White. Not sure if this category will count, but she deserves congratulations anyway.

Daily Cheap Reads in the UK recommended LA Dale's Perhaps .... Perhaps.

Belfast Girls, the critically and commercially acclaimed novel by Gerry McCoullough, is being promoted on Phnompenh Guesthouse alongside major writers such as Brian Moore, Colin Bateman and Stuart Neville.

Janice Donnelly also gave a plug for Belfast Girls during her appearance on the Gerry Anderson Show (Radio Foyle, BBC Northern Ireland) January 25 while promoting her own forthcoming book, Buying Time. Listen to the show here.

Not in the viewing area or missed Jessica Degarmo's January 26 interview on WENY-TV? She has video!

Meet Jaymes Ian Woode and be the first to read excerpts from his book 101 Behaviors a Guy Needs to Understand about His Woman at One World Singles Magazine Blog during the week of February 7. The book will be released on Valentine's Day, February 14.

Rahna Reiko Rizzuto's memoir, Hiroshima in the Morning, was nominated as a finalist for the 2011 National Book Critics Circle Award.

Night Publishing's author roster is now 56 (with at least 25 more to come in 2011): Andrew Morgan, Andy Rausch, Andy Szpuk, Bob Ellal, Brendan Gisby, Carolyn Allen, Andy Rausch, Catherine Chisnall, Cerys Black, Charlotte Castle, Christine Hall Volkoff, Colin T. Mercer, Danny Bent, Danny Birch, David Cooke, David Kupisiewicz, Eden Tyler, Gail Metcalfe, George Fripley, George Polley, Geraldine Murfin-Shaw, Gerry McCullough, Jillian Brookes-Ward, Jessica Degarmo, Joanne Ellis, Joe Hakim, John Booth, Kat Ward, KJ Rigby, LA Dale, L. Anne Carrington, Lael Whitehead, MA McRae, Maria Kuroshschepova, Melanie Ray, Michelle Young, Mike Watts, Minnette Coleman, Nigel Lampard, Olivia Reed, Paul Morris, Paul Perry, Poppet, Robert Adams, Robert Craven, Samantha Towle, Sheila Mary Taylor, Simon Swift, Stacey Danson, Stephen Sangirardi, Steven Jensen, Stuart Ingram, Teresa Geering, Terry Gould, Tom Winton and Tim Roux.

My news for the week:

The Westmoreland Times  printed a story about 15 percent of royalties earned from each sale of The Cruiserweight being donated to Wrestler's Rescue and Pittsburgh-based charity Project Evolution.

Percentage donations of royalties from sales of The Cruiserweight received mention on Wrestleview Radio's The Teachers' Lounge January 29 broadcast. Must be a VIP member to listen to the show.

Special thanks to Authonomy, who featured me in their Authonomy Showcase January 24. They did a great job!

I received word from my agent that the first four chapters of both The Cruiserweight and Kerrigan's Legacy were submitted to "two major publishers" (one in the US, the other publisher is located overseas). Since it's been requested I keep mum from disclosing additional details, that's all I can reveal at the moment.

The first chapter of Kerrigan's Legacy was featured on Night Reading  beginning January 25.

Had a few impromptu autograph signings during an unrelated event I attended this past weekend, everything from napkins to actual copies of The Cruiserweight. Quite a marvelous experience!

Do you have good news you'd like to see printed? Either post it on a related site or email by the end of the week preceding a new column. You can also follow me on Twitter @lacarrington1.

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