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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lori's AOS Author Profile - Mat Jackson

L Anne Carrington

Welcome to my corner of the Authors on Show world. In addition to book reviews and details about my own work (kind of an extended version of my Book Shelf blog, if you will), I’ll be profiling some of my favorite authors, whether they’re small press, yet-to-be-published, and perhaps a major name or two, and what better way to begin my new page than with a profile of a man I’m proud to call both a fellow author and friend?
Mat Jackson
“Author. International resort developer. Iphone and Android Apps developer. Fingers/pies. Finger/spies. Can do. Will do.”

Born in Basildon, Essex on March 11, 1966 as the son of a highly successful entrepreneur, Matthew (Mat) Jackson was educated at Felsted, graduating in 1979, with a view to studying languages at Cambridge.
He decided instead to develop his love of business and joined the family business at the age of 16.
Nearly 30 years later, his life experience has been rich and diverse, including trading foreign currency since aged 17, importing goods from China, setting up a textile manufacturing facility in India, home educating his three children, building his own house, buying and selling real estate internationally, developing revolutionary new apps, and developing an Eco resort in the Caribbean.

The Book: So Shall Ye Reap (Revenge Ink, October 15, 2010)

After all of the buzz, and then the wait for me to read this book myself, Mat Jackson’s So Shall Ye Reap was worth the delay, at least what I’ve seen thus far.

This is a book that should be on every shelf, even if it isn’t your type of genre. Chilling, thrilling, and the classic “can’t-and -won’t-put-it-down-unless-I-have-to” type of work,  So Shall Ye Reap will raise hairs on the back of readers’ necks once they delve into the story with a blend of romance, dark moments, gripping story lines, wide range of emotions, excellent characterizations, and overall brilliant writing.

So Shall Ye Reap is hot, clever, page-turning experience that is difficult to explain until one reads it for themselves. Without giving much away, the dilemmas of romance combined with the exciting plot twists, this novel is one of the best new works to emerge from the United Kingdom. In case I missed something the first time, I plan to read this dynamic work again.

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