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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Authors trying to help the victims of Japan and Christchurch

The world is in shock since yesterday. The pictures and videos about the massive tsunami swallowing huge parts of north-east Japan has left many of us reeling.

Some authors have now reacted by saying they will donate earnings of their book to the people who suffer the most in the crises.

Here are some links to their blogs and where to buy the books, please take a look and buy the one or perhaps more you like.

Alex Laybourne

Dorothee Kocks

If you are an author doing a charity project and like to be listed on here, please leave a comment with a link to your website

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  1. A percentage of proceeds from sales of The Cruiserweight will not only be donated to Wrestler's Rescue and Pittsburgh-based organization Project Evolution, but also to assist the Japanese and Christchurch victims.

  2. How will this money from the other authors be donated and to which charity? It needs to be thought out carefully to be sure the money goes where most needed. Having been involved in charity work of this sort before, I know how important that is.