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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lori's Commentary: Who's Your True Audience?

Have you ever wondered about the demographics of people who read your books? You're not alone. Sometimes, there's other reading audiences aside from the one in which your work was intended.

Curiosity also had the best of me, and thanks to Slush Pile Reader, where The Cruiserweight has been in the #2 spot for about a year. Though my novel was intended toward wrestling fans of certain ages, I was amazed to see a wider readership when I looked at my recent statistics.

This is a chart copy for The Cruiserweight.
Keep in mind that statistics tend to fluctuate, so if you're a Slush Pile Reader member with a book on their site, it's wise to check your charts often. If you have an account somewhere else which show your statistics, also have a look at those. While not scientific, they will give you a general idea exactly who's having a look at your books.

So what draws readers outside our targeted ones? Is it the plot, a well-written story, the characters in our books? Is it how well your books are promoted? Is it the genres we write? How about the way your books are marketed by you and/or the publisher?

I read a post recently stating that some of Night Publishing's books in the literary genre weren't selling. Despite the author enjoying writing the book and a few people enjoying such work, literary books haven't moved as well as, let's say, chick lit or vampire novels.

Another example is what Night Publishing has done is publish one book twice with different titles and pen names. The intelligently described version had downloaded about 100 copies from Smashwords over the course of several months, while the chick-lit described version downloaded over 1,000 copies in a week. Does this mean one genre is preferred over the other, or a free download is better than a paid one? Perhaps, but there's also the possibility of a new reader demographic being drawn to specific books.

The next time you're wondering who is either reading or buying your books, have a look at your statistics. There could be surprises waiting for you!

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