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Friday, 18 March 2011

Prices of E-Books

This week, I am discussing the prices of E-Books
About Lorraine:
Lorraine is the founder of Authors on Show, a natural born sceptical medium, healer, controversial author of spiritual books, blogger and public speaker.  She has three books self-published, one other already completed and four more on the go. To see where to buy Lorraine's book or read her blogs, please scroll to the bottom of this page.
What Would You Pay for an E-Book?
There has been an interesting discussion on FaceBook pages about pricing of e-books. Some authors are giving their books away free as downloads by their own choice, some are being advised to give them away free as a PR exercise and to get their names know, others have them at a nominal charge and then some, like me, have them at a normal price. What do you think is right?
Below are my books on Amazon Kindle and the prices I chose to price them at. You will notice one is cheaper than the others. This is because Amazon decided to reduce it without asking me. Is this right and should they do that without the author’s permission? Would it make you more likely to buy it now?
A Sceptical Medium
23 November 2010
A Sceptical Medium 2 by Lorraine Holloway-White
14 February 2011

Let me tell you my thoughts on it all. I have spent many hours, over days, weeks and months writing my books. It has meant my life has been put on hold, house neglected to a certain extent, my family hardly ever seen and all because I was writing. You see, once it flows, you need to get it down immediately. Leave it and chances are you’ll have a block when you get around to writing later on.
My parents are both in their eighties but I am very lucky that they are healthy and mobile with far more energy than I have or most twenty year olds – long may it last. The problem is, because they are so fit and well, I have neglected them badly due to my writing and this site together with my other blogs. Putting all of this into consideration, why should I then after all that time and effort, neglect of my family, home and social life be expected to give all that blood sweat and tears away for nothing?
Giving things away cheapens it in my eyes. I did that with my readings and found no one respected me for it and after using me for an accurate reading, then went and paid excess sums for what often turned out to be mediocre or total rubbish. This is what is happening with the e-book market.
One of my books has been reduced by Amazon Kindle and they are doing it to most authors without their permission. Is this right and if not what can we do about it? Is it right to give away books just to get our names known? What sort of name are we then getting for ourselves if we do give them away? Are we thought of as serious writers if we haven’t charged? There are so many discussions about all of this these days and I would be interested to hear what you have to say.
As a reader what do you think about free downloads, minimal charges or normal costs. What makes you decide on the worth of anything you download and have you found the quality is less because it’s free or, put another way, is the quality better on those you paid a proper price for? We, as authors, would love to hear your thoughts on this. Other writers would also like to know what made authors choose to go the route they did and would they do it that way again or would they do things different next time.
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