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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Where Have All Our Comments Gone?


We get a lot of traffic passing through these pages and know it is a popular site, but no one seems to leave comments any more. The authors on both the Authors on Show and AOS sites love to hear what you have to say. I can see the statistics and how many people pass through, which pages they look at and for how long. The problem is the others can't see all of this and so often think their page isn't at all popular and that no one has read what they've written.  The strange thing is, there are other blog sites I visit that used to have lots of comments under each article (as did we at one time), but nowadays, they seem to have hardly any either. Is this a new trend I wonder?

We aren't asking for long epistles to be written, just a small word or two to show you've been here and whether you liked what was said. We'd also love any ideas you have about what you'd like us to talk about. Maybe you want to know more about how to do a query letter or how to put a good synopsis together. As a reader, maybe you want to know more about how an author gets an idea for the books they write and how long it takes to write them. Without your comments, we don't know if we're giving you hat you want to see. Everyone in life likes encouragement and to know they're appreciated - our authors are no different. 

Next time you visit, maybe you would be kind enough just to say 'hello' and maybe tell us what you would like to read about. Maybe you're an author and have a new book you'd like us to promote for you? Maybe you'd like to interview one of us for your own site? This is all about helping other authors and also giving readers what they want to see about us and the writing world behind the scenes. So let us know what you want and we'll do our best to provide it. After all, it's YOU we're writing this for. Thanks

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  1. A brilliant and extremely useful article by Lori on writing a sure-fire author press release.
    Make sure you read it on the increasingly wonderful Authors on Show site. Just follow Lori's advice and wait for the sales to soar.
    Sheila x