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Monday, 25 April 2011

Authors on Show Hacked

What a nasty few days that's been! Some of you, we hope lots of you, will have noticed Authors on Show main site wasn't working and appeared to have left us forever. We were hacked. I contacted the host and told them there was a problem, they e-mailed me back to say the site had been deleted and they had re-installed it. I was livid. I thought they had deleted it and couldn't understand why. Besides, when I went to our home page there was a blank canvas ready to be built all over again. I started building it page by page, link by link, team member by team member and then...

...the telephone rang. "Hello Lorraine it's Tom from Krsytal Hosting. Just to let you know all is back to normal. We had to restore the site from last Wednesday as someone had hacked the site and wiped everything clean. We've tried restoring each day with the backup's and had to go back as far as Wednesday to get all the pages working."

I crawled on all fours and begged for forgiveness as I had been so scathing about them having been the ones who deleted us. I had misunderstood the e-mail. He told me the reason there was a blank canvas was that's what they faced each time they tried to backup and restore it all and what I saw is what they too were seeing. Basically, someone did a darn good job of trying to wipe us off the face of the earth. I had been told Krystal Hosting were one of the best in the world and they certainly came good for us - even breaking off from their Easter holiday to come to our rescue. So thanks Steve and Tom.

One thing this has show me and lots of others, is how important Authors on Show is to us. I was distraught at the thought of it being lost. I might have spend hours rebuilding (unnecessarily as it turned out), but it showed me how I would miss it if I stopped it and the most important thing was, how so many of you rallied around and offered support, words of encouragement and help. A HUGE thank you goes to Andrew Brenton as well. He is an absolute star, so please support him if you want formatting done, you won't believe what a good friend he is to Authors on Show. I can't thank him highly enough. Please, if you don't need to use him, recommend him to friends - his details are on the 'services' page.

We up and running, new things are planned for our birthday celebrations on 16th May - our first birthday and I hope to see you all there on the day and thanks once again for being so supportive. I truly am more grateful than you can know. Lorraine x
PS We now have a forum. We're giving the forum one last try


  1. Hi, saw this on Twitter just now. That sounds truly scary.Glad the team were able to get you back up and running. Good luck with the celebrations. Great you will continue.

  2. Gah! Seems to be going around Lorraine. :(

  3. I'd like to see the face of the person or persons who had the stones to hack the site right now. Big cheers to Krystal hosting and the hard working people behind it. BIG thanks to Andrew too! =)