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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Do You Want Authors on Show?

Having thought about this long and hard, I am wondering if it is worth keeping Authors on Show going. I love the team we have here together and they work hard to bring you informative articles and to promote you all. The thing is, there are so many writing sites and we have tried to get you involved and no one seems to want to be. The Flash Fiction was well supported at first and then dwindled to almost nothing. We asked if any of you would be interested in offering your books as prizes for competitions to make it more interesting, but no one offered a single book.We never get comments left on the pages - well rarely - and it seems as though we are doing all of this and no one joins in.

Different formats have been tried. When I started it a year ago, I was promoting up to 40 authors per month and working 15 hour days minimum. Most of those authors never even came near the site to see what we'd done let alone help promote it anywhere. It was this total lack of interest that made me cut it right down. We then promoted six to eight authors per month. Some were lovely and worked hard; again, most were completely uninterested. Why were we doing it then? If an author can't help themselves why should anyone else do it for them.?

It has now changed again and the stats. show things are not as they were. We were having top agents and publishers starting to visit the site. Did any of the authors care? No. We tried a forum and some were excellent and others didn't bother at all and we were told to get rid of it. Do you want a forum? We try to give as much writing advice and help as we can; we ask what you want. Do you tell us - no? It has come to the stage where I am wondering why we're doing it. I have already paid the money out for this coming year, but to be honest, I'm not sure I want to keep doing this any more. We all have so much going on in our lives and get no money for doing this. We do it because we want to help YOU.

I get promises from people to do reviews that never arrive, articles that aren't forthcoming and authors who never send in what's asked of them by the deadline. This sounds like a moan and in some ways, I suppose it is, but I have worked very hard to build this site and am saddened to see it going the way it has. I am also fed up with having little time to myself because I'm constantly chasing after people for things they've promised that never arrive. If any of you think it is worth keeping Authors on Show and AOS going, then you can let me know. If any of you do bother leaving a comment you can tell us why it should stay and what you want from it. If not, I shall chat to the team and see what they want to do at the end of May.

The main site has crashed at the moment and can't be sorted till after Easter - I wonder if this is a sign?


  1. I feel terrible Lorraine, as I am one of the people who's let you down. I overextended myself and didn't keep up with my page and fresh content as I'd planned (and promised). You've done such a wonderful job with the site and I, selfishly, fell down on my part. Please accept my apologies and let me know what, if anything, I can do to make it up to you.

  2. Never, ever you Sessha. I told you to stop is you remember until things settled for you. You have been constant from the start and still are. Always promoting everyone and the site so please don't ever think you are anything to do with this.

    I am just sad that the top agents and publishers I worked so hard at getting here are now as bored as me at what's seen here and they've all left too.

    Each time I come on here it is like visiting Night Reading/Publishing and it is meant to be Authors on Show. It is the same authors from that site being constantly talked about on here too as though there are no other authors in the world.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to promote them and support them, but not constantly and not when in over a year, most of them haven't ever promoted us or anyone but themselves (the ones I mean know who they are). We need fresh material and I am sick of chasing for it. The only viewers left are the ones who are being promoted on each site we go to and none of them can ever be bothered making a comment. I think time is up or a total overhaul is needed. I have tried different ways and I'll either pull the plug or go back to how I did it at first but with new faces and just one or two once in a while of the others we have promoted to death.

  3. I have to admit that I get a little frustrated at the lack of comments on AOS, both sites. I haven't been with you long and I've tried to be informative (having promoted myself along the way), but the lack of interest/comments does tend to dishearten me. I wouldn't want the site to disappear because there are many very talented authors who visit. But to think that since I arrived, the visiting agents/publishers have decided not to bother, makes me wonder if I am right for the site at all.

    I think we should keep it going for now; at least until the summer and see what transpires. If we all promote the site at least once a day or once every other day either on Twitter, Facebook, blogs or anywhere else, then it could encourage more people to become involved and entice a few agents/publishers to visit from time to time.

    I should also say, and I'm probably not doing myself any favours, that I often feel as though I'm talking to the wall when I post an article on here. It's a shame, but I'm not in the habit of dishonesty.

    Come on, guys, let's make this site a great place for authors and wannabes. Let's give them something to talk about, somewhere to find information, interesting people to meet. Let's show them what we're made of.


  4. I've just discovered and joined your site and feel sad it's having problems. But this is the trouble. There's just so much stuff to attend to online, forums, emails, etc. It takes me weeks to get around to doing my blog and I utterly refuse to do Twitter as well as Facebook. With a busy life when do I get to actually devote to research and writing 'deep and meaningful things'? Modern authorship is a real pain! I didn't have this problem when I wrote stuff in the 70's.

    I would truly like to make an effort to keep your site going but maybe I'm just a voice crying in the wilderness... no you say they simply get broken!

  5. Hi Lorri what a great shame it would be if AOS were to go. I do agree however that people do need to become involved, even if it is just leaving feedback etc. AOS offers so much and I feel, receives nothing in return. Come on everyone and lets turn this around........

  6. Thank you so much for commenting. I have had e-mails of support too and especially about my controversial article on reviews and promotions!

    I am heartened to see people agree with me and with your help and others like you, we can turn it around I'm sure. I'll wait to see what happens and it will mean I won't be promoting some of the people I have been in the past, but there is so much talent out there who needs support with no one to help them and they are the ones I want to 'discover'.

    One way people can help, is by letting me know if they see new talent we don't all know and who maybe we can help give a boost to. Thanks xx

  7. Whatever it takes Lorri count me in for the long haul. You have created something here that would be a sad loss to writers around the world if it were to finish.

  8. You know I'm here for the long haul and looking forward to AOS' first anniversary on May 16. Can we at least last that long? It was through AOS I'd gotten an agent, so all is not lost =)

    I also love doing SEEN This Week each Monday and promoting as many writers as possible. Some I hear from expressing their gratitude, some I don't. Oh well. I also like doing my own page every Sunday and supplying fresh material. I may not always get the opportunity to comment, but it doesn't mean I don't peek in at least once a day! =)

    I agree with the frustration of the same authors being promoted over and over. For example, there's 72 people under the Night Publishing imprint, but maybe a small dozen at most get any considerable publicity. What the other sixty are doing is anyone's guess, but we all can't be best sellers. That's life. On the other hand, they've taken chances on writers that other small publishing houses didn't even bother to consider, much less invest time to guide through the publishing process, so you could say I have a degree of gratitude there as well.

    Yes, I do want AOS. You all have brought this site too far to stop now. Winners never quit and quitters never win!

  9. It can be a lonely business on these blogs at times so I know how frustrated you must feel, Lorraine, when all your hard work appears to yield no fruit.
    I would love some help. My books sell but I can't seem to get anyone interested in the e-book and wish you could do an article on what to do to promote interest? Put a banner on the local library? Distribute leaflets via the milkman?
    I'll be keeping an eye out if anyone has any advice to offer. :-)

  10. Lorri, after Easter, e-mail me with some details and I'll promote you. We have done posts about promoting and marketing - they'll be in the archives. Try a search in the box at the top. I'll try to dig some out for you.

  11. Hi Lori,

    It has to undergo big changes. Maybe we should be promoting the ones on NR that are being ignored?

    I want fresh faces, fresh books. We can still help others from time to time but not constantly.
    Yes, you did get an agent through AOS but those agents don't come here now - we aren't offering the fresh faces. The ones they were seeing were the ones they see everywhere else too.
    I am so happy to see this post at least has produced some response, so maybe all is not lost.
    It would be interesting to see if more than Lorri answers though. The rest of us are team members so far!

  12. Lorri, if you can get in touch with me at after Easter, I'd love to do an interview with you. I'm always looking for new people to feature.

  13. Thanks so much,Anne and Lorrain. I will be in touch after Easter and be grateful for help. And I enjoy doing interviews! I do feel stalemate at present but mean to bring out another book soon. Just feel the need for fresh ideas, help and nice folks to talk with! Off now to watch TV. Time to put the ole feet up. Speak soon, Lorri

  14. It would be a great shame if AOS did cease to exist. Lorraine, you have put together a great team and under your fearless and tireless leadership, so many authors, published and unpublished have experienced real exposure. The articles are informative and helpful, the blogs are witty and interesting and Lorri's weekly article of news is a gem.
    You are right, people do not comment as much as you would hope and probably have taken your patronage and good work for granted, but I am sure there are hundreds out there that agree with me that it would be a poorer place without you and your splendid website!

  15. Thank you so much Errol. You'll be pleased to hear that after many private messages, e-mails and comments such as yours, we have decided to continue. But we are going to make it even better with some new surprises which will benefit all I hop. Watch out for our first birthday on May 16th as all will then be revealed. At least that's the plan!

    Thank you so so much for your wonderful words. You have no idea how much that means to me and the rest of the team. Bless you xx