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Monday, 4 April 2011

Kathryn Brown


Kathryn Brown

Hello everyone, my name is Kathryn and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. My paranormal romance novel is completed and I hope to find a publisher soon. Between writing, I run a sheep and arable farm in Northumberland. My daughter, Amy, is eleven years old and autistic; she's my reason for living which is why I love my life so very much. You can see more about me on my blogs:
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I'm pleased to announce my book is now available to download or buy in paperback.

To buy your signed copy CLICK HERE
Since I have to market and promote the book myself, I have been contacting various websites, newspapers, magazines in the hope that they might be interested in doing a feature. The good news is that one of my local papers rang me on Friday and are sending a photographer to my house on Monday in order take photographs for a feature they are going to publish. I'm thrilled. But on Thursday evening, I got an email from a website (which I won't name for legal reasons!), replying to my request asking them if they would consider reviewing my novel. They politely responded with "unfortunately, we are inundated with reviews right now but we may consider it in the future." I wasn't really disappointed because I know how difficult it is to have your book reviewed professionally, and how even more difficult it is when you've self-published. It can often be a catch 22 situation.
Anyway, in their email they asked if I would be interested in a Blog Talk and interview. I replied saying I was interested. After all, I've just published my first big novel and am desperately trying to get it out there. Their response to that astounded me somewhat, which is what I am hoping to warn you about in this article today.
Bear in mind this is an American based website and I live in the UK. They wanted me to phone them at 10.30pm GMT and talk live on their blog-radio for 25-30 minutes. Now, a phone call to America wouldn't have been cheap and at 10.30pm I am usually ready for bed. Then they requested that I ask a friend or two to also phone in with a question for me, something that would start the interview rolling. So that means, my friend would be phoning America, too, and her/his phone bill would also be astronomical. It went on; they require the author (i.e., me) to phone in at least 15 minutes prior to when the interview will commence, why, I have no idea, perhaps someone can enlighten me. So let's see, we're now looking at a phone call to America from the UK lasting at least 45 minutes. It went on; they require the author to advertise their company on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, several times, making sure the author tells "everyone" about this wonderful company who interview live on the phone at an hour in the UK when most people are turning in for the night, if they haven't already.
When they added, "it's a win-win situation," I raised my eyebrows and wondered how they worked that out. I have a large following and I'm very fortunate, not to mention extremely grateful, but I would be very surprised if anyone was obliged to phone in at that time, not to mention at their expense. Oh, and did I tell you how they requested a copy of my book for free, another £15 including postage and packing? And that's supposed to be a win-win situation?
To have my book ready for publication cost me a lot of money and I doubt I'll ever get that back. I didn't write this book to make wads-a-cash, but I did write it so others could read it and enjoy it. The number of "rules" and "author's obligations" they stated really took the shine off me doing an interview at all. It was like they were just out for some free advertising - especially when they ask that authors advertise the company without a mention of the author's book. I have noticed a lot of professional reviewers are now charging for reviews; this is something I don't begrudge; I would never expect a professional reviewer to read my book and do a write up about it unless I provided them with at least a copy on Kindle, but let's face it, this company couldn't offer me a review on their website yet they were quite happy to have me fork out a fortune to have an interview with them which the majority of my UK readers probably wouldn't even listen to anyway.
I know as well as the next guy that we don't get anything for nothing in this life; we never have and we never will. But I just feel I was being taken advantage of in this case; as a new writer having self-published, was I being taken for a ride? Did they see me coming, thinking this was a great opportunity to have some free advertising for their site? I can't help wondering that this was the case.

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