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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lori's Commentary: The Long Road to a Convention

Preparing for a possible convention appearance isn't easy.

In between regular work, there's filling out forms, writing proposals, seeking sponsors, distributing press releases, and of course, promoting, promoting, promoting.

Perhaps by now, you've heard of the latest joint project by me and fellow author Kristal McKerrington. We're aiming toward co-hosting a wrestling/romance panel at the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention in April 2012. We'll discuss the bridge between wrestling and romance, why they're important and the possible futures of the markets.

These genres have already seen huge success with bestselling author Lori Fosters, who has written four books. Ms. McKerrington writes Young Adult (YA) series that are based around wrestling, which have sold very well in ebook media. My debut novel, The Cruiserweight, was a top 100 best seller on Amazon Kindle in Individual Sports and Wrestling categories in both the US and UK during mid-March 2011.

In addition to the aforementioned, the purpose of our panel is to discuss best selling books, the future of bridges between three different forms of entertainment Both MMA and wrestling have experienced huge boosts in the last few years, and there's been more fans than ever clamoring for more books with these themes.

A Facebook page is open to keep followers updated on our progress, which can be found at this link. To view the official press release on our convention project, click here.

Sponsorships are being sought from publishers, wrestling promotions, retailers, and any other companies interested in making any kind of donation to cover costs incurred as well as offering to help boost the wrestling industry.

Of course, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome on how we can make additional progress in the quest for the panel appearance. We may have a little over a year to get some work done, but it won't be an easy feat, and there's not many guarantees. In any case, all suggestions will be taken into consideration, whether used or not. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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