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Saturday, 23 April 2011


Okay, here's the deal. I will keep Authors on Show going because I love it and I love promoting and helping other authors as do all the team. But... and it's a big but. The team members now have to think about what I'm going to say and hopefully agree to it.

When I started the site back last April, it was just me. I wanted to promote authors - as many as I could. I did up to 40 a month on the two sites and it half killed me. However, it was fun, it was affective, we had loads of viewers and it meant more people had to help me and so 'the team' started to be built. I hand picked very carefully from all who wanted to be a part of it and so we launched the new site on May 16th. I feel, I have the best aboard with me now.

The site brought lots of viewers who were readers as well as other authors and more important, it brought top (and I mean top) agents and publishers to the site each month. Our own Lori was spotted on here and signed with her agent through us. This is what I want to see again. We can do articles still, but they can be on the AOS blog. The main site is going to be kept for promoting as we used to do. Each team member will have to promote two - four authors per month on their page - but no less.

The authors are not to be all the ones we've already done, they are to be new faces. We can know them, but they must not have been promoted on here before. If we want to promote others on our other sites, that's fine, but not on the main site any more. We want the agents back, we want the publishers back and we want our readers back.

The next thing I want to see, is the authors who we have promoted in the past to offer a book of theirs for prizes. I'd like a list compiled of people who will be willing to send a signed copy of one of their books to prize winners in writing competitions. Sessha worked darned hard at her flash fiction and people didn't support her after saying they wanted a writing competition. So we will now offer prizes if and when it returns. The if is down to all of you. Will you offer your books. If you do, in return, you will be promoted on the site of the competition for the duration.

I would like to hear back from all the team members if they are in agreement with that? I also do not want any more links put on here to articles on other writing sites as it takes away from us. If we see an article we think contains something our readers should know, we write our own. We had hundreds of viewers a day, we are down to less than 50 some days now. Let's get back to what this site was meant for in the first place. Our services page is staying, but it will be put on here now and we will make the main site where we promote, promote, promote. I would be grateful if team members can post a link to this on their sites so as many as possible see it.

Lori is right, it is our first birthday on May 16th. Let's make that the day for our re-launch back to how it started.  What say you and what say the team?

PS If any team members can't or don't want to do this, I quite understand. Please let me know though asap so we can select new members in your place. I am hoping you'll all stay though

PPS. If 2 authors are promoted a month articles can be done in between on your pages if you like - if that's better for you?


  1. Count me in Lorraine. I will pull my own blog Opening Pages to concentrate on showcasing new talent on AOS. We will gladly donate copies of When Spirits Break Free in paperback to any competition and offer, free of charge designs for promotional flyers to aid in writers spreading the word.....

  2. Don't you DARE pull you own blog bless you, but I am thrilled you're in and thank you so much for the offers. I am actually getting excited about it again. I was bored and so were our viewers. This will be like it used to be - fun and successful

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  4. I started my own blog just prior to becoming a team member on AOS and would sooner direct traffic here. Besides I would be showcasing the same hre rather than on my own blog.

  5. I'd like to see AOS continue. The only reason I didn't visit much at first was that you had to be invited to be showcased/ featured. I didn't know how to get invited. But now I know Lorraine and everyone else, I will do more supporting.
    I have some copies of my book (the compilation) I could give for prizes if you'd like them :-)

  6. That would be brilliant Catherine, thank you.
    We'll be asking nearer the time when Sessha starts her flash fiction comp again - if she does which I hope she will.

  7. It sounds good to me Lorraine - I like the idea of promoting again and two times a month is a doable amount ;) As far as donating . . . well, once my book comes out I'd be happy to (although as you know it is strictly for adults!)

    I'd also love to start up the flash fiction challenge again . . . if people are interested. If not, then that's good too.

  8. I've been heading towards doing author interviews/profiles on my page anyway, so if I can't get interviews, there's always plenty of people to profile. =)

    I think once "Kerringan's Legacy" is finished, I may offer it and "The Cruiserweight" as a signed set for competitions as well.