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Monday, 25 April 2011

Promotion Works Wonders

First of all, I want to thank Lorraine for all the hard work she's done in getting Authors On Show back up and running. If we could have a virtual round of applause I'm sure you'd all join me. It's been a tough few days for her and I really felt her pain when the announcement was made that we no longer existed. However, all's well that ends well and here we are, willing each other on and supporting fellow authors.

The other day I wrote a post on my main blog Crystal Jigsaw, almost begging for people who have read my book, or who intend to read it, to do a review on either Amazon, Lulu or elsewhere, just so I had something in black and white to show for the past three years of hard slog. When I hit the publish button I hated myself. Feeling ashamed that I needed to ask made me feel almost sick to the stomach and I know, as some people have since said, I had every right to ask. But I deleted the post; it just didn't feel right having to ask people to write about my work when they have busy lives, yet a small part of me felt somewhat frustrated at having a need to ask in the first place.

Without a review, wherever it may be, and without recommendations, books aren't likely to sell. Of course, if I had a 34dd bust, was a size zero and walked arm in arm with Earth's answer to Adonis, I wouldn't need to ask anyway, because those reviews would just roll in and I'd be featured in every magazine, newspaper, news report that ever existed. But I'm a newbie, a novice, a debut novelist. I'm a little fish in a big pond with no marketing experience, no interview experience and no "in-the-know" contacts. It's a difficult one. Self-publishing, apparently, doesn't have the stigma it used to have, yet right now I truly believe that it still does. When I'm rich and famous, have my name up in lights, am interviewed by Piers Morgan, I'll join the big fish in the ocean. And you can bet your bottom dollar that fish n chips will be back in fashion to give my book a purpose.


  1. I understand exactly how you feel Kathryn - I feel exactly the same at almost prostituting myself when promoting my work. I think this is something most of us find difficult.

    It would be lovely if those who have read our work helped promote it for us and, as you say, do reviews. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a review written by a reader you've never heard of of met in your life. I am lucky enough to have a couple who have done that, others have sent me lovely e-mails, but I can't help but wish they had followed those e-mails with a review!

    BTW Thank you so much for your kind words at the start of your post. Much appreciated as was the incredible support from so many people.

  2. I know how you feel too, Kathryn. I did put up a plea for a feww more reviews on my Facebook page but to no avail...posts seem to get lost under the weight of traffic. So I did ask a few closer freinds to do the honours. No need to feel bad doing so. We all have to try and garner a little reputation! Plus they do say the more people hear of your book the mnore likely they are to buy it eventually because they've 'heard of it'. Power of advertising, eh?
    I'll look out for your book! Lots of luck!