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Friday, 1 April 2011

Tee Geering - Introduces herself


Teresa Geering

Hello I'm Teresa Geering more commonly know as Mad Tee. Everone on Night knows I'm mad so it's become just Tee these days.
A Little bit about my writing experiences then .....
I wrote a trilogy of books in a year based on Time Travel and fantasy but primarily romance.
In my time I have trodden the Authonomy boards and that is how I came across Tim Roux. He reviewed The Eye of Erasmus for me.
When he started up Night Publishing I interviewed him on behalf of Struggling Authors, another site I belong too.
Long story short Tim asked to publish Eye of Erasmus for me. I dithered for quite a while awaiting that elusive contract. Eventually I agreed to publication - the best move I ever made. It's been getting continual 5 stars on Amazon and Tim will be publishing the compendium of the three books in April 2011.
Why am I telling you all this? Well that is only half the story. Going way back I did manage to secure a literary agent. After shelling out loads of money I found out he was a con man. At that time in my naivety I thought paying was normal practice in the world of publication. After six months he gave up on me and I found an American publisher who wanted my books. (Still to this day they bug me) I paid for an edit which to be fair I got and was ecstatic until I had a communication from the Attorney Generals Office in America advising me they were being charged with fraud !!
At my lowest ebb I came across Richard Grayling of Struggling Authors. Between him and Reg Jones they picked me up, dusted me down, and as the song goes I started all over again. From that day to this I have never looked back. Richard even gave up his own writing at one point to help me promote my work. So as you can see my ride was no smoother than anyone else.
When Lorraine originally contacted me to join AOS I just didn't have the time, but now I feel the time is right to join the team.
My main aim is to introduce new writers on my page, preferably unpublished or anyone having trouble with promotion of their work. I already have my first 'victim' lined up. I also have a couple of other waiting in the wings.
My intention is to put them under the spotlight on my page.
I will also be doing reviews and interviews which has been quite successful for promotion in the past. On other occasions I might just write from the heart on whatever is relevant.
So if you're new to writing and just don't feel you're getting anywhere, come and knock on my page and I'll try and help in any way I can.
Ultimately that is what we are all here for.
To see more of what Tee does when she'e not on AOS CLICK HERE

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