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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Urgent Advice Sought

I really need your advice. I have been asking a few magazines relevant to my book genre if they will do a feature about my book. One in particular have replied saying they are interested. But I'm feeling a little bit dubious about the way they worded their reply email. This is the email I received.

Hi Kathryn,

I hope you are well and having a lovely day so far. My name is Golnaz and I am writing to you from Soul and Spirit magazine. My editor Katy forwarded me your email regarding your novel and we'd both really like to read it and possibly review it for the magazine. I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to kindly send me a copy? If you mark it for my attention and send it to the address below, I'll make sure I keep an eye out for it. Thank you so much in advance and I really look forward to reading the book - it sounds wonderful.

Best wishes

Golnaz Alibagi
Deputy Editor
Soul and Spirit

What I'm confused about and need your help with is how they say they both want to read the book and "possibly" review it. To me, correct me if I'm wrong, it sounds like they're just asking for a free copy with no guarantee they'll actually feature it in the magazine. The book costs £8.99 paperback and £3.44 Kindle, but I'm wondering whether to just send the paperback which is what they seem to want. Is this normal? I've already spent a fortune having this book published, I'm not keen on giving away free copies with only a possibility of it being featured/reviewed.

 Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


  1. Kathryn, Google Soul and Spirit Magazine and read all the different things said about them.

    It is normal to have copies sent out for review. The main publishing houses always send out copies to various places for review as a good review is excellent advertising if seen in the right places.

    Sadly, this magazine seems to like Derek Acorah!!!!!! but, we can't have everything in life can we?
    Read about them and if still undecided let me know.

    I would be thrilled to have a magazine ask me for a copy of any of mine with a view to doing a review or article. Don't say no as it could be a big opportunity. Check them out.

  2. Thanks, Lorraine. I do actually subscribe to the magazine which is why I asked them in the first place. But I thought I'd better ask someone with more experience before I sent out free copies of my book with no guarantee for a review.

    K xx