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Saturday, 7 May 2011

AOS: The Blog now available for Kindle!

Both the Authors on Show web site and AOS blog are excellent resources for aspiring or established authors and readers alike. The two sites are packed with information, news on books and writers, promotions, contests, interviews, and much more. It is also the place to sometimes find out what new books are available on Kindle, or about to be, before anyone else. AOS stresses quality over quantity, and has been viewed in over 80 countries in its first year alone - visitors including major literary agents and publishers. AOS is happy to present the Kindle version of their blog for £1.99 GBP on and for $1.99 USD on Amazon here in the US.

Authors on Show was nominated as one of the best sites in the world for writers, and in only seven months of being launched, placed in the top 20. The site's aim is to promote and advise as many new authors as possible worldwide and have between 15-20 pages which are updated regularly. They have experts on hand offering services at discounted prices to members.

The first anniversary of Authors on Show is May 16, and is offering a book giveaway. Kindle readers will also receive two blogs for the price of one: the Authors on Show web site and the AOS Blog.

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