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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Be Part of our Anniversary Giveaway

As you might know, it is our first anniversary on 16th May and as a birthday treat, I'd like to do a mass giveaway of signed books for our readers to thank them for being with us over the last year. My plan is this. Anyone who would like to win a book, has to say what they like about Authors on Show and why. The people who do this will all be entered into the draw to receive a signed book.

Authors who wish to take part in this will be responsible for posting their book to the winner and must have all details to me by the end of this week so I can set up the page. In return for you giving away one of your books, we will show a picture of your book, the blurb and links to where it can be bought and a very brief bio. thereby giving you a bit more of an advertising boost. The books and their authors will be displayed from 16th May (our anniversary), when it will also be open to comments, and the winners will be chosen at the end of the month.

I would like to introduce this as a weekly or monthly competition with maybe three books a week being given away and the same advertising will be given to those authors too for a week. Anyone wanting to take part in any of this, please send me the details of your book, an e-mail address you would like the winner to contact you on and the other things mentioned above. The text must be a Word doc. and the photo as an attachment please. I
You can send it to me  at
and I hope to hear from quite a few of you so we can make it a really good 1st anniversary. Thank you


  1. Put me down for a give away, Lorraine. I'd be honoured to take part.

    CJ xx

  2. Sounds like a nice give away for your readers-

    Maybe at another time we can work out a Book Cover Design prize for Authors -

    Kristine Sheehan

  3. Would also like to include a book for the giveaway. =)

  4. It's a great post! In all honesty, whenever I start having doubts about self-publishing I come here and gain the motivation to keep moving forward. Thanks.


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  5. I've sent you an email, Lorraine and would love to take part. What wonderful ideas you do have!

  6. When Spirits Break Free is open for the giveaway