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Monday, 23 May 2011

Ellise C Weaver

Ellise C Weaver

Ellise C Weaver
About Ellise
I have a wonderful husband, three loving children, a dog, and a cat. My family is my world. They give me reasons each day to get out of bed. 
I grew up reading Olde English tales of romance and devoured every page.  I couldn’t seem to get enough then, and I certainly still can’t to this day!  I also love learning about the culture and country that so many of my ancestors came from in order to better their lives, leaving behind beloved homes and family to do so.  Even today, there are certain family recipes that incorporate an English way of doing things!  I find if fascinating!
I began writing three years ago as I was healing from a bout with breast cancer; a year full of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, surgery and hair loss. I hoped to find healing and relief in the creation of an adventure of a different sort than I had had the previous year. I've had a wonderful time proving that writing has been more enjoyable and rewarding than I ever imagined. I plan on writing much more! My wish is to thrive and live a better life because of the happiness this outlet has created for me. After all, I believe in happy endings!
The Governess by Ellise C Weaver
      Born of nobility, but without dowry—and even worse—now orphaned, Lady Carly Blakemore and her sister are thrown into the world of Queen Victoria’s England without aid. Carly is forced to seek a position as governess in the house of the Earl of Dunfordshire—a man alone in his own right—alone and under suspicion for the tragic murder of his well-known and adulteress wife.
His governess’s honesty and forthrightness quickly offend his noble person and he finds himself reeling from her constant evaluation of his lack of parenting skills. However, in the midst of his resentments, he finds himself strangely drawn in by the very no-nonsense ways of hers that drive him to madness. Unlike previous governesses who feared and abandoned him, Carly stands her ground in a head-to-head battle of wills that take her to the brink of dismissal. With neither one willing to admit there is a chance at growing love rising between them, Carly and the Earl continually fight the feelings they have for each other.
They are both oblivious to the clouds of deceit and intrigue that are growing from inside and without the manor house, bent upon removing the beautiful, headstrong governess permanently.  A final desperate chase leads to an interception of a ship upon the high seas headed for the Mediterranean and a secret society of white-slave traders, opening the way for this book’s sequel.
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